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I’ve been planning to return to Los Angeles for a visit in January for month now. And it is December now, and I have been literally counting the days. Near the top of the never-ending list of things to do, eat, and people to get in trouble with, is Mexican food. I can’t help it. . .I really like (love) Mexican food. I the spiciness, the fresh salsa, and the tender carnitas. I have this need that I fill at least once a month while in Shanghai (or Taiwan). Chances are, if there’s a Mexican restaurant to be found/tried in Shanghai, I am going to do it. Though El Mexicano in that food court in Jing’an wasn’t that great. (I am going to have to make a trek to their main location).

Anyways. . . I was able to convince a couple of Hunan friends to make a trip with to Mi Tierra. Hunan is known for their wickedly spicy cuisine, though being overshadowed by their more famed Sichuan spicy, though mouth numbing foods. So, I figured their the girls would like it. I believe I had overtaken them in my new found tolerance for spicy, from our visits for Spicy Moment and Di Shui Dong.

Unbeknownst to me, it was Tuesday Fajita night, for all you can eat Fajitas till you burst for 99 RMB (thought I thought it was Tuesday Taco night – a supposedly worldwide celebration of all you can eat tacos). So, the three of us tried them all – Shrimp, Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Veggie. We got flour tortillas, which seemed to be quite good. I wonder if they make them fresh here in Shanghai. I wish I could tell. Of them all, I enjoyed the Chicken and Pork, with my slathering of gauc, salsa, and hot sauce.

But, I was wondering why I was having Tex Mex, in a Mexican restaurant. I researched and found that the Executive Chef and Sous Chef are both from Mexico City and certifiably trained. Why was I having Tex Mex? On top of that, all the fajitas, arriving on a hot iron plate, looked the same with the dollops of sour cream and gauc on top – and somewhat tasted the same. I guess I was used to Chili’s back home in LA. The corn and bean appetizer was probably the highlight of the meal, along with our pitcher of Margaritas.

Would I try this place again? I would, but not on fajita night – guess I could order something else if I do. I know sometimes, but I forget the day, they have a unlimited all you can eat taco night, too.

Check out their Christmas Special

What to Order: AVOID Fajita Tuesdays
What not to Order: Margaritas

1 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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Mi Tierra
永嘉路17号 (近茂名南路)
17 YongJia Rd (near MaoMing S. Rd)
+86 21 5465-5837

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