El Luchador is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Shanghai.  Being from LA, where there is good Mexican food, is important to note.  Though I would’t say I am a connoisseur, but I think I know what most people like, even if they are Angelenos.

Eduardo Gomez, hailing from Mexico City, helms the menu and kitchen.  Formerly of Mi Tierra and Mexo at the Bund, Gomez strives for authenticity with fine ingredients.  You can tell the care in each item, as the meats and proteins are match with the appropriate sauces and tortillas.  Along with his dynamic food menu, his creative margaritas are also something to be tried.

The Choriqueso 45 RMB is a gooey fun with cheese and chorizo.  When you take the goodness of the sausage with the cheese together, it is eaten with tortillas, like a fajita.  They don’t even have the standard (Beef) Carne Asada, which is replaced with Arrachera Beef, which marinated skirt steak.  The Baja Fish Tacos 30 RMB, has a nice refreshing flavor and texture, different from pork and beef.   Pork Carnitas 30 RMB, is one of my favorites, anywhere.  It is something I usually order from any Mexican restaurant.  The marination and taste is something that keeps me coming back to El Luchador.

The last reason why I like El Luchador, is the great location.  On the prime corner of Yong Kang Road and Xiang Yang Road, it sits as the gatekeeper to the bustling Yong Kang Bar street.  Plus, selfishly, it is located just a short bike ride away from where I live.

El Luchador
83 Yongkang Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu, Xuhui district
+86 21-64228653

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