Tai Thai 太泰 at Tianzifang [Shanghai]

First impressions are not enough for Tai Thai in Tianzifang. You’d almost miss it, if you walked by. But don’t look now, you’ll only notice a small Thai themed bar. The bar is probably not enough to get pique your interest.

Perhaps it was by chance that I was able to try Tai Thai. We were looking for a place to eat, and the Tai Thai’s bar looked like a decent place to grub. But once entered, they convinced us to have a table in the upstairs dining area. I didn’t expect much, based on the smallish bar. But through the creaky narrow stairs, which didn’t impress me either, we entered a spacious and inviting dinning room. With the vaulted ceilings, warming lighting, and intimate floor seating, Tai Thai could present a nice romantic experience. The floor seating was on one side of the room, which offered a more traditional experience – not necessarily something I would pick. There was even a nice small outdoor patio, for those rare temperate evenings.

We started off with the traditional Pad Thai noodles. Presented in a thin egg skin, the noodles looked appetizing. The thin egg skin was a nice touch that I had never seen in Los Angeles. For most Thai restaurants, this is basic item that you shouldn’t mess up or ignore, since Pad Thai noodles are the probably the most famous of all Thai dishes. Yet, there was disappointment with this dish. The texture and flavors just didn’t seem to be right.

Next we some nice vegetables, as the token greens and fiber dish. The stir fried greens were adequate and better than the Pad Thai.

Soon after, we were presented with some red curry, with steamed rice. The spicy curry goes great with rice, which is your could say is a filler dish. If you weren’t full before, the curry with rice will certainly top you off. The hearty spices in the curry provides a comfort feel, in an Asian sense. I thought this was the best dish of the night.

And lastly, the soup came. Thai soups are among my favorite soups, with the unique spicy and sour flavor combinations. But unfortunately, I was disappointed. It didn’t quite have the kick in flavor and spiciness that I came to expect and appreciate from soups.

Anyways. . .I think Tai Thai is a nice place to hang out and perhaps for drinks. If you go elsewhere for dinner, and then stop a Tai Thai for cocktails, you can’t go wrong. But for dinner – perhaps I wouldn’t suggest it.

What to Order: Any of the Curries
What not to Order: Pad Thai

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Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

Tai Thai 太泰
Tianzifang, Lane 248 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu.
田子坊泰康路248弄, 近思南路