Meet, Kerry Hotel [Pudong]

Where did the Thirsty Pig go?
The Thirsty one and his friends went to the Meet at the Kerry Hotel. It was a invited dinner to try their Tomahawk Steak. The Kerry Hotel, just opened in 2010, is the latest 5-star hotel in Shanghai. Situated near the Shanghai International Convention Center in the PuDong district, the Kerry Hotel is part of the Kerry Parkside complex, featuring a shopping center, an office tower, and apartments. Part of the Shangri-La Hotel Chain, this is the first of 2 planned Kerry hotels in Shanghai, with a rumored 2nd one opening soon in the Jing’An district. While the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts are the more refined upscale hotel chains, the Kerry offers a more contemporary and modern feel. The Kerry Hotel would compete against the W, Indigo, and other upscale boutique hotels.

What did the Thirsty Pig Eat?
We had the Ningaloo Tomahawk Steak at the Meet (restaurant) at the Kerry Hotel. It was a large 1.9kg steak, 980 RMB, that fed the four of us. “聚”招牌战斧牛排 4 级+ 980 21 天排酸. Aged for 14-21 days, this steak has a marbling score of 4+. I have no idea what Ningaloo is, but I know 1.9kg is huge! The Australian restaurant featured beef from the same lands. With their own glass-enclosed temperture-controlled aging room and in-house butcher, they are experts with steaks! This particular cut is shaped like a tomahawk axe, featuring a large main rib bone of the beef. I couldn’t believe how big it was when they brought it out to us just before cooking. The meat around this rib is extraordinarily marbled and tender. Though there is fat, it keeps the meat juicy and flavorful. It was amazing. I think there was also a salad, some shrimp, and desserts. . . but I kind of forgot about them.

Final Thoughts
This was a pretty bad-ass dinner. I’d recommend the Tomahawk to any steak lovers. Though I am not a big fan of steak, I was thoroughly impressed and overwhelmed.

What to Order: 1.9kg Ningaloo Tomahawk
What not to Order: Doesn’t matter. . .you’ll be full with the steak by itself.

2 Pigs
Price Range 3 $/¥/NT

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嘉里酒店花木路1388号2楼 近芳甸路
Kerry Hotel Pudong, 2/F, 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu
+86 21 6169-8886
Open: 5:30pm-10pm

M1NT [Shanghai]

M1NT is where the celebrities play with the stars overlooking the glamour of Shanghai.

If you own a shark . . . that’s pretty cool. But when you have a tank of them . . .you’re pretty much a badass in my book. With the swimming sharks and the title as THE hottest nightclub in Shanghai, M1NT also has a fabulous restaurant.

Started in London, M1NT now has club locations in Shanghai and Cannes, with plans to open in Singapore and Beijing. The concept of M1NT being a shareholder’s club was originated from London, it is now located in Shanghai and Cannes, with the next two opening soon in Beijing and Singapore). The membership works just like a standard country club membership, with access to the lounge, restaurant, nightclub with the shark tank, and also privileged benefits. As shareholders, you not only enjoy the membership status but also the potential dividend payouts.

Apart from the spacious high ceiling partying nightclub, there’s the restaurant & lounge area. I never knew there was a restaurant until I wandered around in my buzzed stupor. With the open kitchen spanning across, you can see the mastery of the international cuisine. Towards the back of the venue, there’s a semi-private interchangeable dining area overlooking the spetacular skyline of Shanghai with both the Bund and Pudong by your side – this is the perfect place for private and corporate events. It’s actually really cool, the walls move around to form either four private dining spaces or one large one. Then there’s the private chef’s dining room lined with surrounding glass wine cellar. Let’s not forget the lounge area, also with magnificent nighttime views. With eclectic seating areas, I personally prefer the intimateness of the lounge more than the nightclub. Above it all, is the outdoor rooftop lounge. Twinkling with the sky, the rooftop lounge is my favorite place at M1NT, if the weather is right. Unfortunately, it’s for private events only.

. . . ’cause the night will start with or without you at M1NT.

We started with the Kumamoto oysters with our small group. Small in size, but big in flavor, they are arguably the preferred choice for oysters. My dining compatriots loved the oysters. Then we had the tuna tartar, which was especially tasty. With avocados, this appetizer felt almost south Pacific or Hawaiian or Japanese. But then I was told that the executive chef – Grant Brunsden, a Londoner, spent years in Japan cultivating his Asian fused creations. Just then, I noticed Caesar Liu, the restaurant manager, chatting and describing in details the many great dishes with the members and shareholders. Next we had the Peking duck and foie gras with the squid ink chips. This little dish turned out to be one of the favorites for our group. The entrees of the tuna steak, wagyu beef, and black cod came out. With high expectations from what I heard and read, the Australian Wagyu Beef was the big rave. Let me first say – I don’t usually order steak or like steak all that much. . .but M1NT’s steak was really good. The crispy char on the outside with the moist medium rareness was something to write home about. The steak had accentuated flavors with the homemade mayo, BBQ, and mustard sauces. I liked the buttery miso black cod, but it was more about texture than flavor with this dish. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the black cod as much I could have. Since under normal circumstances this typical Japanese fish would have been my choice pick. But coupled with the bold flavors of the steak and tuna, it seemed my taste buds were all confused and wanted more out the black cod. We also had a couple of side dishes of the boiled spinach, the roasted garlic potatoes, and siumai with black cod. And I almost forgot desserts featuring the banana bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. The panna cotta and hot fudge chocolate volcano were also standouts.

Tonight, M1NT is where you need to be.

As the festivities moved to the nightclub, we were introduced to Damien, the operations manager, who’s in charge of making sure everyone is having a good time. And tonight wouldn’t been complete without Vanessa, the events manager and Katrina of ThruColorfulEyes.

Make sure you reserve early for the 2010 Christmas Eve Dinner for 888RMB/person. Featuring . . .
Cauliflower Puree. Beluga Caviar & Chives
Kombu & Shiso Cured Salmon With Apple & Mustard Dressing
Cherry Valley Duck Consomme with duck liver dumplings
Turkey Ballotine. Roasted Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Truffle Sauce & Shave Truffle
Tradional Christmas Pudding With Brandied Anglaise
A glass of Champagne on arrival
With Vegetarian options availbe/Order in advance
+86 21 6391 2811 for bookings

What to Order: Angus or Wagyu Beef
What not to Order:

3 Pigs
Price Range 3 $/¥/NT

上海市黄浦区福州路318号高腾大厦24楼 200001
No. 318 Fuzhou Road, Huangpu District, China, 200001

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