The Sailors Fish And Chips [Shanghai]

What is The Sailors?
Sailors is a little restaurant that features fish and chips, which is, strangely enough, one of two on Yong Kang Lu. At Sailors the charming restaurant has a sort of fast food feel with the crates for seats and bench tables. There’s also a couple of high tables for outdoor sidewalk seating – which I prefer. The lane itself has a great neighborhood feel, unlike any other street in the city.
What did I eat?
The Big Set, for 88 RMB, includes a piece of flounder, pollack, and sea bass, with calimari rings, shrimp, scallops, and chips is a pretty decent meal deal for 2 people. You get to sample all the different fish they have. Sailors also has a large drink menu – for people to kick back and relax with a beer or two.
Constructive Criticism
As with all fish and chips, the batter and vinegar masks the individual unique flavors of fish. The unique nuances that each fish might have doesn’t really come out all that much. Texture is often quite similar as well. One thing I would suggest is to have a description of each fish’s flavor and texture for customers to choose from.
The Last Word
Sailors, in my humble opinion, is a better (if only slightly) than Catch!. The primary reason would be the indoor dining environment to enjoy the meal. I also like the presentation that Sailor has with the “wood plate”.
Location Rating
The Sailors Fish and Chips
永康路35号, 近嘉善路
35 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu
+86 150 0009 9490
2 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant [Wan Chai]

Good BBQ Pork – Char Siu is not that difficult to find. Siu Mei’s are often hit or miss. If you are polite and ask the right questions, you can more than often get a good cut of the BBQ Pork. But sometimes you just get the ideal slice . . . and that’s when you feel things are just right. At Fu Sing Sharkfin restaurant, I had the best BBQ pork EVER!
Mr. J had found Fu Sing, through his friends, and insisted a visit. Fu Sing is traditional Cantonese Seafood restaurant specializing in shark fin soup. Located in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong, this establishment has the elaborate and fancy decor that old school locals would go for special events.
We started off with the Shark fin and Crab soup had a thick broth with the white crab and shark fin meat. This divine soup was prepared and served nearby for effect and presentation. Typically you usually add a little vinegar to enhance the taste. But this soup, as recommended by the staff, didn’t need it. And they were right, it did not need it. The shark fin had a delicate flavor with the creamy texture of the meat.
Next we had the classic and local favorite, braised ox tail. With a thick sweet and savory sauce, the ox tail boasted tender meat, still with some good texture. I am more partial to a an ox tail that is a bit more tender with meat falling off the bone. But regardless, the taste and flavors were still quite good.
The token vegetable dish was the broccoli with garlic. This was actually a really good dish with the abundant diced garlic. The broccoli, which was stir-fried, retained its consistently without the snapness crunch.
The hand packed tofu with Chinese broccoli was a surprisingly yummy dish. We weren’t sure what the brown football shaped mystery item was, till we asked. Then we bit into the slightly savory tofu and realized it was actually pretty tasty.
I had to save the best for last. I know Mr. J specifically asked for a more of a evenly fatty cut of the BBQ pork, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. This large plate of BBQ pork arrived on our table, which made me giddy with excitement. I quickly eyed an end piece with more burnt edges. Then after picking it up and placing into my mouth. . .I heard moans and groans from my other dining partners, indicating supreme acceptance. I, soon, was moaning, about great bite. It was really really good. There was the right amount of fat to bring moistness and proper texture. There was excellent flavor with the honey, soy, and sugar combination. It was just right.
I am not sure if I would return to Fu Sing, since they are a seafood restaurant. But I know if I did, I would probably try to get an order of the BBQ pork to go.
Note: The best BBQ pork I have ever had prior, was in the city of Guangzhou about 10 years ago. They had the BBQ pork deep fried to add another level of texture, which was unbelievable. I am not sure I will ever find this restaurant again.
What to Order: BBQ Pork and Shark Fin Soup
What not to Order:
Rating: 3 Pigs
Price Range 3 $/¥/NT
Links: Open Rice
Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant
1/F, Sunshine Plaza, No. 353 Lockhart Road,, Wan Chai
+852 2893 0881