Meet, Kerry Hotel [Pudong]

Where did the Thirsty Pig go?
The Thirsty one and his friends went to the Meet at the Kerry Hotel. It was a invited dinner to try their Tomahawk Steak. The Kerry Hotel, just opened in 2010, is the latest 5-star hotel in Shanghai. Situated near the Shanghai International Convention Center in the PuDong district, the Kerry Hotel is part of the Kerry Parkside complex, featuring a shopping center, an office tower, and apartments. Part of the Shangri-La Hotel Chain, this is the first of 2 planned Kerry hotels in Shanghai, with a rumored 2nd one opening soon in the Jing’An district. While the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts are the more refined upscale hotel chains, the Kerry offers a more contemporary and modern feel. The Kerry Hotel would compete against the W, Indigo, and other upscale boutique hotels.

What did the Thirsty Pig Eat?
We had the Ningaloo Tomahawk Steak at the Meet (restaurant) at the Kerry Hotel. It was a large 1.9kg steak, 980 RMB, that fed the four of us. “聚”招牌战斧牛排 4 级+ 980 21 天排酸. Aged for 14-21 days, this steak has a marbling score of 4+. I have no idea what Ningaloo is, but I know 1.9kg is huge! The Australian restaurant featured beef from the same lands. With their own glass-enclosed temperture-controlled aging room and in-house butcher, they are experts with steaks! This particular cut is shaped like a tomahawk axe, featuring a large main rib bone of the beef. I couldn’t believe how big it was when they brought it out to us just before cooking. The meat around this rib is extraordinarily marbled and tender. Though there is fat, it keeps the meat juicy and flavorful. It was amazing. I think there was also a salad, some shrimp, and desserts. . . but I kind of forgot about them.

Final Thoughts
This was a pretty bad-ass dinner. I’d recommend the Tomahawk to any steak lovers. Though I am not a big fan of steak, I was thoroughly impressed and overwhelmed.

What to Order: 1.9kg Ningaloo Tomahawk
What not to Order: Doesn’t matter. . .you’ll be full with the steak by itself.

2 Pigs
Price Range 3 $/¥/NT

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嘉里酒店花木路1388号2楼 近芳甸路
Kerry Hotel Pudong, 2/F, 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu
+86 21 6169-8886
Open: 5:30pm-10pm

San Want Hotel [Shanghai]

The San Want Hotel is a mid-size independent hotel, which a couple of scattered locations in Asia, including Taiwan, Southern China, and Shanghai. I previously had a chance to try their dim sum restaurant at their Taipei hotel. I recently stayed over night at the Shanghai location.

Its a nice hotel. The rooms are fine, better than the average China hotel. The hotels has a feel of being airy and spacious with the high ceilings. The warm hues and golden yellow colors give a soothing feel. I’ve stayed at some crappy hotels both in the US and in China – I firmly believe colors offer a simple way to convey feels.

I think the biggest problem about this hotel is its location. Considered to be in Shanghai, it is not in the city proper or city center. It is located in the district of Hong Qiao, which is more of an manufacturing district. Tourists wouldn’t be recommended to stay there. Business travelers may be recommended. But I think the ultimate choice for the location is for transit customers who are looking to head to other directions. The Shanghai San Want hotel is conveniently located near the Hong Qiao airport.

Another interesting tidbit about the hotel is the happy go-lucky logo. This logo is the famed logo on the Taiwanese snack foods. The owner of the hotel diversified its holdings from just snack food production and marketing to include hospitality. The cool thing about this logo, you see it everywhere, from the sand ashtrays, the towels, the liquid dispensers, and the statue in front.

Again, if not for the location, I wouldn’t suggest staying at this hotel. At least, there’s a subway stop about a 10 minute walk away.

1 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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上海神旺大酒店 San Want Hotel
650 Yishan Road (Yishan Lu) Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai, China, 200233

Bei Hai Hotel黄山北海宾馆 [Huangshan] China

North Sea Hotel, directly translated from Bei Hai Hotel or 黄山北海宾馆, is a strange name for a hotel being that it is located in a land locked province. Yet, after visiting, you realize the poetic sea of clouds that surround the mountains make the name quite appropriate.

The hotel, during the autumn holidays – as when we went, is arguably the busiest time of year. The annual holiday brings in tourist from all over the country and world. The cool time of year is my preference, since I’d rather avoid the sweltering summer months.

This hotel is one of the oldest on the mountain, with over 280 rooms. This time of year, they get so many requests for rooms, that they have ingeniously provided accommodations with tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses. But I have heard that the sleeping bags are dirty. Anyways. . .we got lucky my booking of a room, though it was more than double the normal price – at around 1300 RMB a night. The beds were adequate, but the bathrooms were simple and spartan. The fluorescent light gave me an eerie feeling.

Would I recommend this hotel – well, I would. There’s also a large main dining room for breakfast buffet, and lunch & dinner. They even have a foot massage parlor – which we used twice. Located nearby are the chains or locks of love or commitment. Couples lock “locks” onto chain links, in a representation of their commitment to each other. After being on the mountain for a couple of days. One of the best things about the venue is that it is located relatively close, about 1/2 hour hike/walk from the Yungu cable car station. I strongly suggest this less travel route.

It is truly amazing how this hotel and other building are built on top of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan). There aren’t any direct roads leading and on top of the mountains. All there are cable cars. Yet, in order to get the supplies, people have to hand carry from the cable car station to each of the sites (minimum walk/hike of at least 1/2 hour) up and down stairs on the mountains. I am still in disbelief, as I kept looking for roads for trucks to drive up to the buildings. There aren’t any helicopter landing pads, either. Chinese labor is amazing.

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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Bei Hai Hotel
安徽省黄山市黄山风景区北海景区 242709
BeiHai Scenic Area, HuangShan city, AnHui 242709
+86 559-5582555 tel
+86 559-5581996 fax


Upstairs URBN Hotel [Shanghai]

Upstairs is the newest lounge in Shanghai at the URBN Hotel. With the weather cooling, Upstairs is the place to be. The lounge is ideal for dates, small groups, or older crowds. A bit off the beaten path, it offers a secluded setting, much like the hotel. After dining at Downstairs, the David Laris restaurant, you could mosey up to the rooftop lounge.
Personally, I like the place. Its a good place to bring a date, if you don’t want to see anyone.
Check out the promo’s listed below.
Upstairs @ URBN drinks promos
6:00pm to 8:00pm Upstairs Happy hour with 90 rmb Moet Imperial and Moet Imperial Rose by the glass, 2 for 1glass wines, house sprits and beers
Upstairs with Acid Pony Djs
8:00pm to late – 90 rmb Moet Imperial and Moet Imperial Rose by the glass and 2 for 1 weekly featured Upstairs signature cocktails.
Friday and Saturdays
6:00pm to 8:00pm Upstairs Happy hour – 90 rmb Moet Imperial and Moet Imperial Rose by the glass, 2 for 1 glass wines glass, house sprits and beers
Pop up free Moet and Chandon Imperial and Imperial Rose bottles and weekly Moet & Chandon bottle price specials.
Sundays: Upstairs goes Downstairs
All day Downstairs Sunday Brunch 12:00pm noon to 10:00pm – 888rmb Magnum 1.5l bottles of Moet & Chandon Imperial.
Upstairs @ URBN opening hours:
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 5:00pm till late
(Available for private bookings 7 nights a week.)
2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT
URBN Hotel
上海 市胶州路183 号 (近北京西路), 上海, 中国200040
183 jiaozhou lu, shanghai china 200040
Room Reservation:
+86 21 5153 4600