Music Room at the Park Hyatt [Pudong]

In large metropolitan cities, some of the best night clubs are located at the top of high-rises. Towering nighttime views offer excitement, romance, and allure. The Music Room at the Park Hyatt in Pudong, Shanghai is one of those clubs, like M1NT and Flair. With breathtaking views, the Music Room that bring this element to the festive atmosphere.
We got to go on a random Wednesday night, which was Ladies night at the Music Room. Though we were a bit late, the party was still going on. (What a cliche) There were tons of people – wall to wall. Bartenders struggling to hear the orders and make the drinks. The DJ and band was on fire tonight. A mixed group of caucasians and Asian, since its located in diverse area of Pudong, was filled tonight. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.
The crowd ranged from the late 20′s to about the 40′s or so. Even with the old-ish crowd, people were having fun as if they were all in their 20′s. The drinks were flowing, the live band was grinding, and people were swaying on the dance floor. The band was actually pretty good. They played some good 80′s and 90′s mixes. The singers, both male and female, did pretty good jobs on the covers.
There were a couple of gripes, though. The coat check ran out of space and the bar area was way to congested. And I heard that it was the last night for Ladies night for the with free champagne flowing. Didn’t matter much to me, since I am not a girl and I hate champagne. Anyways, I liked the view and perhaps would try this place for dinner date.
2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT
Music Room
Park Hyatt, Pudong
上海浦东世纪大道100号, 环球金融中心92层
92F 100 Century Avenue, Pudong

Martini Thursday at David Laris’ Yucca [Shanghai] – closed

Martini Thursdays is event brought back by David Laris to help promote his new lounge at Sinan Mansions, Yucca. My personal favorite is a Vodka Dirty Martini, with any vodka except Grey Goose. I never liked Grey Goose.

I also put up a couple of announcements about their 2nd Fat Olive location in Sinan Mansions. Also, be sure to check out the Xmas and Holiday set menu at Purple Onion.

RMB 25 for Apple, Lychee, Dirty, and More.

思南公馆 复兴中路519号 近重庆南路
Mansions 26F, Sinan Mansions
Fuxing Lu, near Sinan Lu, 3F
+86 21 3368 9525

David Laris’ Yucca, Shanghai – closed

I recently got invited to Yucca – David Laris’ latest hot spot – Yucca. Coined as a micro-lounge, Yucca is located the Sinan Mansions 思南公馆. Yucca is a Mexican inspired menu and venue. Perhaps will be known for lounging and drink, Yucca’s food/appetizer/tapas was actually pretty good.

In the slight 3rd floor space, with loft space, Yucca features an intimate setting. I can’t see large groups, of 6 or more, enjoying this place. Dates or small after dinner groups would like it much better. I liked the low slung seats at the bar, which allows for closeness. Next time, I will try to grab those seats.

Tonight, on this soft opening, we tried a few of the signature appetizers. We started off with a spoonful of . . . what I would call an avocado mash. I am not exactly sure what it was, but it had spices and flavors that reminded me of some Los Angeles Mexican restaurants. Perhaps I should have written the name down. Then we had a shot glass of a spicy ceviche with a creamy avocados. This was also quite good. One thing I miss, while I am Shanghai is good Mexican food. Sometimes, I don’t dare try the Mexican food in Asia, since I know it won’t be the same in LA. . . But tonight, Laris’ take at Yucca, was surprisingly refreshing. Next we had a little deep fried taco. A bit crunchy and moist, this actually my favorite one of the night. Lastly, we had the mini empanadas, which were my friend’s favorite. These little goodies were spiced just right and had a nice crust.

In addition to the little tapas. . . we also had a few drinks. My friend, unwisely chose or was it my recommendation, the Mexican Mule. I had the S.A. Piloto which featured Cachaça and Cabernet Sauvignon with black berries and orange juice, which my friend promptly stole away from me. This drink was a little sour but more tangy.

Anyways. . . I hope to visit again, soon.

City Weekend’s Listing

What to Order: Empanadas, S.A. Piloto
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

David Laris’ Yucca
思南公馆 复兴中路519号 近重庆南路
Sinan Mansions, 519 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu, Unit 26 A, Shanghai
+86 21 3368 9525

Special thanks to Christina Kao, of David Laris Creations, for some of the pictures.

Racks – Grand Re-Opening on November 11th [Shanghai] – closed

I got to check out Racks before their Grand Re-Opening at their new location, from their Xintiandi location.

Though I’m not much of a pool player, I know this place almost invites you to play. With good music and drinks, Racks can almost seem like a nice bar lounge. The tables are the same, if not better, as the ones you’d find in the states at other finer pool halls.

The plush cozy interior features several pool tables on two floors, with a VIP lounge area for private events. There’s even an outdoor patio for enjoy the Shanghai skyline. There’s a full bar on both the 5th and 6th floor for all your drinking needs. They have a full bar with some of the more popular liquors you’ll find in bars in the states. The lounge area upstairs is ideal for a birthday party or a mixer with the centerpiece white pool table.

Rack’s is having their grand Re-Opening tomorrow Wednesday, November 10th. RSVP’s were required by yesterday November 8th. But if you call, you just might get reservations.

Tim Sher, one of the partners was generous enough to show me around the the lounge/pool hall. It’s really a small world when one of my current classmates is his childhood friend, while my old Shanghai friends have known him awhile, as well. When you stop by Racks, make sure you tell him that you saw my post.

Live in Shanghai –
Racks Facebook page

进贤路221号, 5-6楼, 近茂名路, 陕西南路
Floors 5-6, 221 Jinxian Road near Maoming Road and Shan’xi Road S.
+86 21-5212 5971
HOURS: Sun–Thu 11am–2am; Fri-Sat 11am–late

The Apartment [Shanghai] – closed

The Apartment is one my favorite lounges in Shanghai. Always a challenge for someone new to any city, is finding a decent place to hangout for drinks and chillaxin’.

Located in the off the new swanky, yet hidden, area on Yongfu and Fuxing road, in the Xuhui district, The Apartment is a cool lounge, that also serves food. But, I haven’t tried the food, though pundits on foursquare don’t recommend the pizza. Their outdoor rooftop lounge area is where their large pizza oven is located. Maybe one of these days, I will try the food.

After hiking up three elevator-less floors, you finally reach the great door. Once inside, you notice a few sitting areas with eclectic sofas and chairs. Toward the rear of the room, you see the an oversized lounge bed, made popular from the clubs in Vegas and New York. I only wish there were a few more of these beds. In the back, there’s an ignored area of regular tables for dining, which seems a bit out of place. I’d just make that area into a private party room, than pretend that people come for the food. As I mentioned earlier, there’s an outdoor lounge area, which probably has optimal use about 3, maybe 4 months out of the year. With the crazy Shanghai heat and bitter winters, The Apartment probably will only have high demand there in the short spring and autumn months.

Almost every night I’ve been there, there’s been a small band playing or a DJ. I like the DJ, but the band, which varies, is a hit or miss. One night, they were playing cover songs in a melancholy way, that it was almost hurting our group’s mood.

They offer bottle service and reservations for tables areas. They only have a couple of beers on tap and a bit more bottled. They have bottles of vodka, whiskey, and others. Personally, I’m a beer guy and almost anything else, except champagne.

Weekends get crowded fast, too. One thing is. . .this place is not place to pick up chicks, since most everyone that comes, has a table or comes with people. There isn’t a dance floor so, mingling might be a challenge. But if you have game, which I don’t, you might be able to score.

Though it seems I’ve complained a lot, I actually really like The Apartment. I know I’ll be back a lot. Other places I like in Shanghai are the Monkey Bar and El Coctel. If you have suggestions on other similar places, please let me know.

3 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

上海市徐汇区永福路47号3楼301室 (近复兴西路) +86 21 6437 9478
Room 301, 47 Yongfu Rd.(near Fuxing Rd.) 200031 Shanghai, China +86 21 6437 9478

Marquee [Taipei]

Glamor is a universal feeling that people naturally desire. From Hollywood celebrities, to the Hampton debutantes, the plush Marquee maintains this mantle in Taipei.
Unlike the teen-infested, pushy crowds that fill Sparkx, Room 18, and Primo, Marquee is the place for those who know how to revel. Perhaps it is the glorious interior decor accented by the hues of royal purple. Or could it be the modelesque crowds, that Adonis and Aphrodite would envy. I’d suggest it might be delightful offerings on their menu.
Marquee probably best known as lounge, is indeed proud of their dining menu. Highlights include, pizza, pasta, and their chicken wings. The chicken wings, clearly my favorite, is prepared, with the meat split apart is then lightly deep fried. Presentation of the wings is a sight to behold.
Enjoy the ambiance and scene at Marquee, but I’d suggest you try their menu.
What to Order: Chicken Wings
What not to Order:
2 Pigs

Lucky Baldwin’s [Sierra Madre]

Lucky Baldwin is an English Pub with fare found from the other side of the pond. You’ll find Bangers & Mash, Traditional Meat Pies, and Fish & Chips.
With a location also in Old Town Pasadena, I choose the quaint bar in Sierra Madre. Its a nice little bar that also happens to serve food. The intimate, yet spacious indoor bar also features a small outdoor seating area. Sierra Madre, with its small town feel, needs a bar like Lucky Baldwin’s. Though I had only been there a couple of times, it seemed like all the patrons knew the bartenders and servers, just like Sierra Madre is.
Mr. J ordered the Bangers & Mash and I had the Fish & Chips. The sausage – the bangers succulent and juicy. The Fish was properly fried just right. I particularly liked the green peas and mashed potatoes.
Lucky Baldwin also features a nice array of beers on draft. I would argue that they probably have the most beers on draft in town and perhaps nearby.
Anyways. . .next time, I would like to try the traditional English breakfast, as well.
What to Order: Fish & Chips, and I want to try the Meat Pies next time, too.
What not to Order:
1 Pigs
Lucky Baldwins Delirium & Cafe
21 Kersting Court
Sierra Madre, CA 91024, United States
(626) 355-1140