Tock’s [Shanghai]

Tock’s is a Montreal Deli, like a Jewish Delicatessen you’ll find in New York City.  They have arguably the best smoked meat, including – beef, duck, chicken, and turkey, in Shanghai.  Now, I’ve been to Katz in New York, Langer’s in Los Angeles, and a slew of others in between, which is to say I am an experienced beef pastrami consumer.  Yet, I can’t claim to be an expert of what’s better or not, only what I deem I like.  But I can say I am a serious pastrami eater.

My favorite sandwich at Tock’s is the simple Reuben with sauerkraut, swiss, and thousand island.  I usually get the large one, which is 98 RMB, but today, I just had the smaller version for 78 RMB.  It is unfair to compare Tock’s with Katz, but I still have to, in order to have a base.  Pricewise, they are actually comparable for what you get.  The beauty of a pastrami or smoked meat – is the combination of the tenderness and savoriness with either the bite of the mustard or melding with the swiss and thousand island.  The standard size at Katz is the large at Tock’s – if we are looking apples to apples.  Tastewise, this is where I get a little picky.  Being that I grew up from the states, I like and prefer dishes, including these smoked meat sandwiches a little more savory.  In Shanghai and China, everything seems to be less salty, and in my humble opinion less flavorful.

Do I like Tock’s – I really do.  I recommend it for anyone who is jonesing for some good pastrami.  This is great place for lunch and weekend meals.

Tock’s A Montreal Deli
221 Henan Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu
河南中路221号, 近福州路

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