The Brazilian Pot Pies at Wood Spoon [DTLA]

When I was last in Los Angeles – in August, I had put together a list of places that I wanted, rather needed to feast on. On this list, and near the top, was Wood Spoon. I had heard that this downtown Los Angeles Brazilian restaurant had a pot pie that was worth the visit.

But with my limited Brazilian cuisine knowledge, I wondered how a Brazilian style pot pie would look and taste? Would it have the beefy and meaty attributes of those of a churrasco? Perhaps Wood Spoon was combination of American influences of the south and south american with traditional pot pie? Then you realize the Latin cuisines feature many baked goodies, such as empanadas.

Wood Spoon’s pot pie includes moist and juicy rotisserie chicken. The creamy sauce with the buttery crust almost makes you think of American ones. I’m a real big fan of savory baked pies and foods. I know in Northern California, there’s a mobile food truck called The Pie Truck, which also features yummy pies. The salty olives and roast corn, not found up in the American pot pies, was really good. Unfortunately, they only had one choice of meat for their pot pie. I bet a juicy pork one or a hearty beef/steak one would be quite good as well. Heck, if done correctly, lamb would be fine as well.

Anyways. . . Wood Spoon, with it simple sign of a wood spoon, also has a great pork burger and fish sandwich. I was also looking forward to the pork burger, which should come to a surprise. It was tasty with grilled onions. The fish sandwich was ok. . . wasn’t my favorite.

I’m not sure if I would visit again, if I had only had a week in Los Angeles. But I was happy that I had a chance to try the pot pie. Another note, the ventilation in Wood Spoon sucks. . .it was so hot when we had our dinner there.

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Wood Spoon
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