Music Room at the Park Hyatt [Pudong]

In large metropolitan cities, some of the best night clubs are located at the top of high-rises. Towering nighttime views offer excitement, romance, and allure. The Music Room at the Park Hyatt in Pudong, Shanghai is one of those clubs, like M1NT and Flair. With breathtaking views, the Music Room that bring this element to the festive atmosphere.
We got to go on a random Wednesday night, which was Ladies night at the Music Room. Though we were a bit late, the party was still going on. (What a cliche) There were tons of people – wall to wall. Bartenders struggling to hear the orders and make the drinks. The DJ and band was on fire tonight. A mixed group of caucasians and Asian, since its located in diverse area of Pudong, was filled tonight. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.
The crowd ranged from the late 20′s to about the 40′s or so. Even with the old-ish crowd, people were having fun as if they were all in their 20′s. The drinks were flowing, the live band was grinding, and people were swaying on the dance floor. The band was actually pretty good. They played some good 80′s and 90′s mixes. The singers, both male and female, did pretty good jobs on the covers.
There were a couple of gripes, though. The coat check ran out of space and the bar area was way to congested. And I heard that it was the last night for Ladies night for the with free champagne flowing. Didn’t matter much to me, since I am not a girl and I hate champagne. Anyways, I liked the view and perhaps would try this place for dinner date.
2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT
Music Room
Park Hyatt, Pudong
上海浦东世纪大道100号, 环球金融中心92层
92F 100 Century Avenue, Pudong