Porto’s [Glendale]

Who has not heard of Porto’s? Who has not gone to Porto’s more importantly. This Cuban bakery probably the most popular place in Glendale, perhaps even more than the Americana. Probably, just at lunchtime though.
Porto’s is known for their great sandwiches as well as their pastries and desserts. I was first made aware of this Cuban institution years ago, but never made my way over. Countless of friends have boasted about the sandwiches and desserts. So, finally, I found an excuse to see what the fuss is about.
The Cubano, with slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles all with Cuban bread is flattened. Everything is melded and pressed hot together unlike a typical sandwich. The flattening joins the juices and cheese physically together. Importantly, the bread is solid and holds well. The roasted pork has the nice texture and heartiness while the ham gives that added salty bite. Cheese, mustard, and pickles round out the sandwich’s flavor. This solid combination is tried and true, as pastrami with mustard or hamburger with American cheese. Similar to the Cubano is the Medianoche – the Midnight sandwich, which is only different with the sweet roll. The sweetness in this sandwich just confuses my mouth with all these flavors. But I know Miss B liked this one.
Another favorite that you’ll see everyone gobbling up is the potato balls. These fun filled balls of mini heart attack, for less than a buck each, are deep fried and are Cuban’s answer to the French Fry. Filling as they may be, the mashed potato is filled with seasoned ground beef. Oh so yummy! We also tried the Meat Pie, the Pastel de carne, which is a baked puff pastry filled with the same seasoned ground beef. I liked these more than the deep fried potato balls. I know I also tried the Chicken Pie, the pastel de pollo, which was a bit less flavorful than the beef ones. Later than day, I tried the Tamales, in which I got an order to go. I’m a big sucker for tamales. I thought the tamales were excellent. Just writing about this, I think I ate too much that day.
On top of it all, we even had dessert. We had a few different sweets as well. The fruit tart, the tres leches, sort of egg tart with vanilla. I apologize in advance for not remembering exactly what we ordered. But I would go out on a limb and say that anything you order from the dessert counter – you won’t go wrong.
What to Order: The Cubano, The Meat Pie or Potato Ball
What not to Order: Unless you like sweet beard, the Medianoche
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Porto’s Bakery
315 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203
tel. (818) 956-5996
fax (818) 956-0696