Welcome to my journal of what I eat and drink. Known as The Thirsty Pig, also known as 饥渴的猪/飢渴的豬. This is about the food & drink adventures & experiences of a simple man. Just pictures & short musings from the life & times from Los Angeles to Shanghai. I’m a simple guy that likes simple things. I don’t necessarily like to write lengthy posts of about my adventures, but I will show you some pictures from the current and the past.

I am not a web professional, nor a writer by trade. I find it interesting how the internet and social networking blend together. In the past I have worked in the tech industry, but I have changed careers. The site is powered by WordPress. Built on the mind, the mouth, & stomach of the Thirsty Pig and (that was before with the AutoFocus II Pro Theme).

I am from Los Angeles and was working and attending school, at USC’s MBA program in Shanghai. I have lived and worked in Taipei, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. My travels, appetite, and blog have taken other places including Seoul, San Francisco, Harbin, and New York. Recently, I’ve been listed in CityWeekend.

What I like . . .
Hole-in-the-Wall restaurants, Japanese and Sushi, almost all types of Chinese. Currently, I like White Russians. Additionally, I will order a Jack & Coke, Gin & Tonic, and Godmothers. I do like Rangpur Gin (from Tanqueray), Hendrick’s and Bombay Sapphire.

What I don’t like. . .
Super Spicy (BTS is bad!), anything dairy unfortunately . . I do not like Vodka straight . . . still reeling from my experience in College. . .

The following 2 links were my first attempts at a food blog.
LA Jimmy’s Ultimate Dining Guide
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If you need to reach me
Jimmy C. aka The Thirsty Pig
thirstypig [at] gmail.com
weibo.com/thirstypig (used to be me, but I no longer have control over this account)