Tu Hsiao Yueh on Nanjing East Road Night Market [Taipei]

A few months ago, I wrote about Tu Hsiao Yueh, the original from Tainan. I found this knock off copy cat at a little night market in Taipei near Nanjing East Road. I sort of just stumbled upon it while I was going back to my hotel. I simply asked the taxi driver to find me a place that had good hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese dishes. Sometimes, you find some of the best places to eat, by talking to taxi cab drivers. Anyways. . .

This place had some of the same dishes, like braised pork on rice, fried pork chop, and noodles, that you’d find at the original Taipei location. I’d assume with the flux of Tainanese in Taipei, that you’ll find some similar restaurants. Or perhaps, this is a franchised outlet, while the original is an original owned. Or this could just be a disgruntled employee that wanted to copy the original. There could be a bunch of stories as to why there is this knock off. Who knows?

Anyways. . . the food was practically the same. As much as I consider myself an expert in braised pork rice 魯肉飯, I am not. I know this – the original Taipei location has some of the tastiest 魯肉飯. The fried pork chop was actually good, here. I like the crispness texture of the batter, more than the flavor. One thing I really enjoyed, unexpectedly, was the fish soup. This large bowl of soup had this huge piece of fish. The fish was a light flavor, with a moist flakey flesh. The skin was left on, for some nice oil taste. Most of all, since I am somewhat of a foreigner (ABC – American Born Chinese (or Taiwanese)), I liked how there weren’t too many bones in the fish. I was quite satisfied with this fish soup.

What to Order: Fish Soup
What not to Order: anything else is fine – not special

2 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

Unfortunately, I have do not have the address. I just know it is off of Nanjing East Road in Taipei. There is a small alley that doubles as a night market. Check out the photos below for the exact location. I am not even sure I could find it again, myself.

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