Bei Hai Hotel黄山北海宾馆 [Huangshan] China

North Sea Hotel, directly translated from Bei Hai Hotel or 黄山北海宾馆, is a strange name for a hotel being that it is located in a land locked province. Yet, after visiting, you realize the poetic sea of clouds that surround the mountains make the name quite appropriate.

The hotel, during the autumn holidays – as when we went, is arguably the busiest time of year. The annual holiday brings in tourist from all over the country and world. The cool time of year is my preference, since I’d rather avoid the sweltering summer months.

This hotel is one of the oldest on the mountain, with over 280 rooms. This time of year, they get so many requests for rooms, that they have ingeniously provided accommodations with tents, sleeping bags, and air mattresses. But I have heard that the sleeping bags are dirty. Anyways. . .we got lucky my booking of a room, though it was more than double the normal price – at around 1300 RMB a night. The beds were adequate, but the bathrooms were simple and spartan. The fluorescent light gave me an eerie feeling.

Would I recommend this hotel – well, I would. There’s also a large main dining room for breakfast buffet, and lunch & dinner. They even have a foot massage parlor – which we used twice. Located nearby are the chains or locks of love or commitment. Couples lock “locks” onto chain links, in a representation of their commitment to each other. After being on the mountain for a couple of days. One of the best things about the venue is that it is located relatively close, about 1/2 hour hike/walk from the Yungu cable car station. I strongly suggest this less travel route.

It is truly amazing how this hotel and other building are built on top of Yellow Mountain (Huangshan). There aren’t any direct roads leading and on top of the mountains. All there are cable cars. Yet, in order to get the supplies, people have to hand carry from the cable car station to each of the sites (minimum walk/hike of at least 1/2 hour) up and down stairs on the mountains. I am still in disbelief, as I kept looking for roads for trucks to drive up to the buildings. There aren’t any helicopter landing pads, either. Chinese labor is amazing.

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Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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Bei Hai Hotel
安徽省黄山市黄山风景区北海景区 242709
BeiHai Scenic Area, HuangShan city, AnHui 242709
+86 559-5582555 tel
+86 559-5581996 fax


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