Katsuta 勝田日式豬排專門店 [Taipei]

Katsuta is a small Japanese Curry House that only locals in the nearby neighborhood would know about. They specialize in pork cutlet with their special curry sauce.
The shop, with the full name 勝田日式豬排專門店, translated to Katsuta Japanese Pork Chop Shop, is situated on a small street in a second floor space. Known by my friends as a grubbin’ curry and cutlet restaurant, Katsuta is comparable to similar Japanese restaurants found in Los Angeles. Yes, i know i shouldn’t say Los Angeles has great Japanese cuisine, but that’s my only reference point. With seating for less than 20 or so, Katsuta gets crowded fast.
Katsuta’s forte is in their pork and breading. They don’t use the sissy Panco breading, but something rougher and heartier. This particular pork cutlet, NT250, comes with the requisite shredded cabbage, pickled vegetables, and curry sauce. Deep fried to perfection with almost all lean meat, this pork is lacks deep flavor begs for the curry sauce. It seems that this cutlet is all about the texture mouth feel, with roof-of-mouth shredding breading, and curry sauce. Don’t get me wrong, almost all Lean pork lacks bold flavors, but that’s ok. The curry sauce is solid, as it should be. We also ordered a sweetened and rolled pork strip deep fried entree. Likened by girls for the sweetness and the lack of the fatty sauce, this is something I have never seen or had.
Katsuta is a nice place for friends and locals for curry and pork cutlet. I might be a decent place for a date. But curry breath is as bad as it gets.
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Katsuta Japanese Pork Chop Shop

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