Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers [Los Angeles]

One of my first experiences, of many, at Tommy’s was during my freshman year at USC. I was in the USC marching band, and they had a hazing ritual that included a trip to Tommy’s with their famous chili. All the freshman were required to eat/drink a concoction with chili and root beer. The upperclassmen also added bits and pieces of the pepperoncini’s, onions, fries, and anything else they could get their hands on. Luckily, I think, I just got root beer and chili. This rite of passage was special since the band often went to Tommy’s after sporting events, gigs, and performances.

The chili cheese fries

This night, we decided to return trip back to Tommy’s. Though I shouldn’t say return, since I visit Tommy’s at least 3 times a year. Personally, I think Tommy’s is a destination place to bring out-of-towners to. Anyways, I digress . . . after going for drinks at some lounge bar, that was forgettable, I made the executive decision to stop by the original Tommy’s on Rampart and Beverly. I often get mistaken for being Bossy by my friends. I don’t understand why. Some people are just too indecisive when it comes to food.

Anyways. . . when we rolled up to the parking lot, my mouth was already watering – as it is right now when I am writing this. With regard to parking, there is plenty of parking in the main lot as well as the lot across the street. You’ll find all type of cars on the weekends enjoying this find LA fare. I’ve seen busloads, limos, and people in cocktail dress here at Tommy. Then on the other side, you may encounter people that might be affiliated with ganges. At first it may seem a bit seedy or potentially hazardous, but its just people harmlessly enjoying their chili burgers.

Thank goodness Tommy’s is open 24 hours. When you have that buzzed fix – there are few things near downtown LA that can squelch that craving. And when you order – don’t think you are a man to have just meat, cheese, and chili. The whole package with the tomato and onions complete the meal. The combination taste, altogether, brings home this burger. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The savoriness with the freshness of the tomato balances it out. The chili, though, sometimes gets lost in the middle when you squish the burger and the chili gets moved to the sides. So, make sure, when you hold your Tommy’s burger, not to hold it too tightly or squeeze to hard.

Some of you may not know that Tommy’s didn’t always have french fries. Rumor has it, after Tommy pasted away, they added fries at the Original location. They have some of the best chili cheese fries with onions around. This type of Los Angeles chili, without beans, is unique in this part of the world. Texas chili often has beans and doesn’t have the “bite” that LA or Tommy’s chili has.

Make sure you also try the Tamale. Their tamale also has their chili with a large tomato slice. The masa with the chili makes a great combination as well. I think the tamale at Tommy’s is my favorite side – even more than the fries.

After one bite of their chili cheese burger. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite.

The tamale. Yummy. I strongly suggest that you try it.

Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers
2575 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 389-9060


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Tommy's Original Hamburgers in Los Angeles

Omelette House [Garden Grove]

This past week, I had to be in Garden Grove for a short meeting, and needed a pre-meeting place to meet & eat. After scouring yelp for breakfast places, I found the Omelette House.

This place would do well in any neighborhood.

The menu has a nice selection of different types of omelets, including an Indian one with cumin. I was considering it before I asked what the popular choice was. The Hobo Omelet it is, with ham, sausage, and bacon. Often times with this many meats, it can overpower the eggs, which is my favorite food group, but not in this case. I thought the meats with the eggs were balanced quite well. I also like the homestyle potatoes. I should have asked them to have the potatoes well done, which means a little more crispier.

My friend had the vegetarian omelet. I do feel sorry for him at times, when he can’t eat meat. His breakfast included standard hashbrowns and Pumpernickel toast. The breakfast at the Omelette House are large and mostly like will fill you up most of the day.

I think Garden Grove has a nice little gem of a breakfast place.

Their menu is just breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

The Hobo Omelet.

Homestyle potatoes are the best type of potatoes for breakfast.

The vegetarian omelet.

2 pigs, $

Omelette House
12444 Brookhurst St
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 537-5336

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Omelette House in Los Angeles

Bar Food – October Choice [Los Angeles] – closed

On the suggestion of an Elite Yelper, we decided to make the trek to West Los Angeles to try Bar Food. I know nowadays, that I am a little more pickier from this blog and with the expectations of my friends. I know I have to take into account distance & traffic, price & value, and palate & taste. Lately, I think I have a better understanding of what I like and what I don’t like.

Unfortunately, the friend who suggested this place wasn’t there. But our friend who recently got engaged was fortunately here and we were all able to celebrate! I’m glad we choose Bar Food – since the venue is great for groups.

The Thirsty Pig Choice of the Month – Bar Food

After the hugs & congrats, we were able to order. The sparse menu showed few food items but included Guinness beer! The menu primarily looked like food you’d find at a bar, hence the name – Bar Food. This pub, or gastropub – the new moniker and also in the spirit of Father’s Office, offers a large selection of beers and wines with comfort food items. I was happy to find mac’n cheese, burgers, and anything with the word potato. We also ordered spicy tuna, bangers, shepherd’s pie, and fish & chips.

I was really looking forward to the Mac’N Cheese, since I saw it on their menu – the week before in researching the place. But unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. Though there was bacon, it lacked a necessary savoriness that you’ll find almost at any other restaurant. Most places that have Mac’N Cheese will have a cool twist, either with bacon, broccoli, ham, truffle, or something different. It was baked, so the cheesy was crusty – that’s a good thing. But again, lack of saltiness hurt its chances. . .

The burger and bangers were ok. The spicy tuna and shepherd’s pie did stand out. I think everyone liked the spicy tuna. The rice was a little harder than I would have liked. I know I liked the shepherd’s pie with lamb, though I think others didn’t like it. We had two different types of bangers – thai style and regular. I personally like sausage . . . almost any type of sausage. I like the green mashed potatoes – I think they were mashed with basil or something. Jason, the owner/manager, came by and told us that that was his creation.

The two things that everyone agreed was great was the potato puffs and the sweet frites. I asked our server what her favorites were, and she strongly suggested potato puffs, which were also the most ordered item as well. I think we went through two orders of each.

Personally, I liked the venue and most of the food items. I think the uncomplicated menu with comfort foods with beer & wine is a great combination. But unfortunately, the location, with my personal bias, doesn’t help. Prices are reasonable – with our group of 10 or so, we each paid about 26 with tax and tip.

Nice selection of beers & wines to go along with their comfort food items.

Their food items were mixed with Olde English favorite with California cuisine – like spicy tuna sushi.

Good times with Good people at Bar Food.

Airy dining area is great for groups.
Traditional Bangers – sausage. Everyone like the onions.

This is the Thai style bangers. I think I liked this one more.

My disappointing Mac’N Cheese. I expected way too much from it. I bet this is also a popular item.

Their take on Shepard’s Pie with lamb. I thought this was a great presentation. I thought this was one of the better dishes, though my friends didn’t think so.

Everyone’s favorite sweet frites. Personally, I like my frites or fries to be savory, not sweet. But I know sweet potato fries are the rage now.

The fish & chips. The chips were potatoes slices. Nice take on this English comfort food item.

2 pigs, $$

Bar Food
12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-3274

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Bar Food in Los Angeles

Mahan Indian Restaurant [Alhambra]

My experience with Indian cuisine started, in of all places, in Hong Kong. I went to 2 places when I was living there. Tandoor Indian Restaurant and Veda – both located in Central were my first ventures. I would recommend both to anyone visiting/living in Hong Kong. Veda’s a high end Indian Restaurant that features a contemporary new wave style of Indian. While Tandoor is more of a traditional Indian restaurant that you’ll find most any place.

Mahan is no different from Tandoor. But, according to my Indian friend, features a lot of dishes that you won’t find together. Often times, Indian restaurants specialize in their geographic origin. But that’s only natural for most cuisines.

On this day, we decided upon the lunch buffet. My buddy said that their spread was unusual since they offered many different things. They had Samosas, Aloo Gobi – vegetarian cauliflower, some sort chickpeas dish, Tandoori chicken, Palak Paneer – spinach dish, Chicken Tikka, and Naan – Indian bread. There was also some rice to go long with it. For an Indian buffet, I think there was quite a selection.

My favorite dishes were the Palak Paneer and the Tandoori Chicken. They were tasty. The Palak Paneer reminded me of the creamed spinach they have at Lawry’s – very similar. The Tandoori Chicken was better than the Chicken Tikka, which I thought was quite dry. But when you dip the Tikka in the yogurt sauce, it makes it a better dish.

I try to go to a cuisine, that I am not familiar with, always with a friend who is much more familiar or is of that descent. I would not have known to dip the chicken in the yogurt sauce. Or have the samosas also in the other sauce.

As the saying goes . . .
“When in Rome, do as what Romans do.”

I think for lunch, Mahan is great place to go, if you want to have something other than a salad or sandwich. Though the pricing is a big more than you would expect or want from lunch. Also, try their yogurt drinks as well.

Samosas. I totally forgot the name of the sauce in used for the samosas. But I do remember it is red colored.

Aloo Gobi

Vegetarian chickpeas.

I think this was the Tandoori Chicken.

I think this was the Palak Paneer – spinach dish.

This had to been the Chicken Tikka – roasted chicken. I think it was a bit dry, though.

And I know this is Naan.

2 pigs, $

Mahan Indian Restaurant
110 West Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 458-6299

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Mahan Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles

Hi Sushi [Taipei]

This kaiden sushi restaurant, Hi sushi 海壽司, looks quite modern from outside but provides superb and creative sushi which I never tasted before.

Why I stepped in here was a mystery. Just wanted to try something different, tired of the bargain 爭鮮.

I was very impressed of so many different types of salmon nigi sushi could be offered! Both me and my hubby are salmon lovers.

↓ 3 options of tea bags – pick up whichever you like! I personally like genmai tea 玄米茶 with rice smell

↓ grounded wasabi

↓ salmon with salmon eggs + spring onion NT$80

↓ salmon with pickled herb NT$60 – my favourite

↓ salmon (again) NT$80

↓ what a big slice of sashimi! Top 1 in the restaurant

↓ salmon 明太子鮭魚 NT$80 – my hubby’s favourite

↓ 鹽之花炙和牛握壽司 half raw beef with a bit sea salt on the top
NT$150 – taste very similar to yakiniku though

↓ tuna NT$60

↓ raw scallop NT$100 – tastes ok, not very impressive

↓ shrimp NT$80 – not impressive either, too dry

↓ eel NT$60 – very fresh, good!

↓ inarizushi NT$40 – good!

↓ tamagozushi NT$40 – tasted ok, not very impressive

↓ squid NT$40 – tasted ok, not very impressive though

address: 台北市內湖路1段244號

Malbec [Pasadena]

Located in between the shopping areas of Lake Avenue and Old Town, sits a nice little restaurant, Malbec. An Argentinian restaurant that, as most others do, they specializes in beef. My only other experience, an unfortunate one, was with Gaucho Grill.

I expected a menu full of beef, steak, and other meats, the cowboys of Argentina are known for. The Lomita Sandwich at Malbec, a signature dish of beef and ham, was no different. This is an unusual combination of meats in a sandwich, but it is quite tasty. I did like it. Though I didn’t like the hard bread and the texture of the beef – it was a bit chewy. I thought the savoriness of the ham mixed in well with the beef. I would order it again, but maybe not at Malbec.

My companion choose to get the steak meal. Not exactly a typical order for lunch, but she does like steak. I tried it, it wasn’t special. It was that good either. It didn’t have that great of flavor. In fact, it reminded me of my experience at Gaucho Grill, in which I remember a bland food experience.

I know I did like the starter appetizer of bread with olive oil/garlic spread. I thought it was quite good. The salad was ok, nothing special. Though did remember the large pieces of shrimp. The empanadas were pretty good.

At the end of the day. I thought the restaurant itself was a nice place. If I remember correctly, they only had beer and wine. I don’t think I had a very good experience, but perhaps I should not gone for lunch at a typical dinner restaurant.

Kinda big for lunch. Maybe she was hungry.

The concept is good. I would try this again.

The large shrimp salad.

Another appetizer that I thought was un-memorable. I take that back, these were the empanadas. I thought they were ok, maybe a bit dry, though

I do give them credit . . . they did use large quality shrimp.

0 pigs, $$

1001 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA
626 683 0550
626 683 0580

Mon-Fri 10am-10pm
Sat-Sun 11am-11pm


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Malbec in Los Angeles

Marstons [Pasadena]

This is a local breakfast favorite that not too many people know about. Marston’s famous cornflake french toast is what drives people to wait and wait for seat.

I know people talk about how the french toast here is great and all. And don’t get me wrong, I think it is really good as well. But at the end of the day, in my humble opinion, I do think it is overrated.

I like the concept, with the cornflakes on the french toast. But I think with a french toast, most people are expecting something sweet and/or savory. But when you add texture, the cornflakes, it brings a different element that people don’t expect. I think this 3rd element takes away the usual french toast. In my opinion, I think french toast should be more sweet or savory, than have this texture. But, again, this is just my opinion.

But let me get back to this french toast. The toast, similar to a large Texas toast, is coated with cornflakes, browned together. Sprinkled with some powdered sugar and a side of maple syrup, without other sides, this dish is a meal in itself.

On this day, I let my cupcake friend order the french toast, while I ordered the The Serendipity, which is Ham, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, topped with green Ortega chili, pico de gallo. I must say, I enjoyed this more than the few bites I had of the french toast. I like the chili with tomatoes on the eggs. If you don’t know, I love eggs, any which way.

Anyways. . . I do suggest to try the french toast, at least once. But also, consider the Serendipity, as well.

See the pretty frosting? The powdered sugar presents the french toast even more appealing.

I wish there a bit more powdered sugar on this dish, to make it a bit more sweeter.

This is the Serendipity that I ordered. Check out the chili.

I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night.

1 pigs, $

151 E Walnut St
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 796-2459

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Marston's in Los Angeles

Sweet & Savory [San Marino]

Sweet & Savory is a nice neighborhood sweet shop. They have bake goods and sandwiches on Huntington Blvd. in San Marino. This is the typical afternoon tea place where ladies can enjoy passerby’s.

With other little dainty shops, boutiques, and small bistro’s, Sweet & Savory fits right in. I could also see this shop on Santa Monica’s Montana avenue. I do like the outdoor seating they have.

As a continuance of my quest for cupcakes – as I was dragged by my obsessed friend, Sweet & Savory features mini and regular sized sweets. These cakes, like others, were sweet (but not savory). I know I enjoyed them, since they weren’t too sweet. I prefer the mini bite-sized ones, since I don’t think I could eat a whole one, if it was too sweet.

Nice little place. They offer sandwiches and quiche, too. I like quiche. . . actually anything with eggs.

Weekday special for local students.

The nice street side shared courtyard seating.

A view to the front door.

The outdoor courtyard.

The newly classic mini red velvet.

The lemonbar that I got. Mini-sized, too.

I do like their logo and signage.

Though Sweet & Savory is smallish inside, they feature great black and white picture wallpaper of vintage shots of neighborhood of San Marino.
Another cool shot inside.

They also sell jams and jellys from local producers.

This is really a girlie place. Moms, grandmothers, and housewives would like this place.

2 pigs, $

Sweet & Savory
2142 Huntington Drive
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 293-8877

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Sweet & Savory in Los Angeles

Asia de Cuba [Hollywood] – closed

Long over due, I realize I haven’t made a new post about my food adventures lately . . .I apologize. I have been busy with some other stuff lately. But I want to especially talk about this place – Asia de Cuba.

In the spirit of Dine LA, we decided Asia de Cuba would be the place to go. Right when we sat down, one of my friends humorously chimed in . . .”I need menus, appetizers, and an alcoholic drink, now!” It was kinda funny coming from a girl.

Luckily, in my humble opinion, we got the set menu offered this week which made thing easier. My preference, when I visit a new place is to try their specialty or highly recommended dish. With the set menu, there were 3 options for appetizers, entrees, and desserts – with our group of 6, we had the right portions for everyone.

Here is what we ordered . . .
Tunapica – Tuna Tartare Picadillo Style with Spanish Olives, Black Currants, Almonds and Coconut with Soy-Lime Vinairette and Wonton Crisps
Braised Beef Spring Roll – Cuban Black Bean Papaya Salsa, Port Wine Reduction
Lemongrass Skewered Chicken – Coconut Thai Chili Marinade, Grilled Pineapple and Lychee

My comments about the appetizers are ok . . . but better than a regular “meh” I did like the braised beef spring rolls. I thought there were tasty for beef. (yes, I know I shouldn’t eat beef – but it was good). The chicken skewers were unappealing – but not bad and not dry. I guess things stand out more if they are exceptional and very bad. Again, the chicken was decent but nothing to write home about. I don’t remember the tunapica at all. But after looking at the pictures, I remember it was light and airy since it was on a crisp.

Miso Cured Alaskan Butterfish – Cuban and Black Bean Edamame Salad, Tempura Shisito Peppers
Grilled Strip Steak – Gingered Chickpea Fies and Calabaza Melon Slaw, Citrus Ginger Soy
Cuban BBQ Chicken – Thai Coconut Sticky Rice and Avocado Cilantro Fruit Salsa. Tamarind Sauce

I was looking forward to the chicken. Luckily I wasn’t too disappointed. The chicken, dark meat thank goodness, with the skin was the best entree. The Grill strip steak, was dry and tough. Please don’t order it. The butterfish was good as well, though I think the portion was too small.

Cuban Opera – Rich Chocolate Cake Layered with Milk Chocolate, Buttercream and Coffee Mousse with Coffee-Brittle, Ice Cream, Chocolate and Caramel Sauces
Mexican Donuts – Seet Brioche Donuts rolled in Cinnamon Sugar and filled with Toffee Sauce.
Sorbet of the Day – House Made Tropical Sorbet served with Seasonal Fresh Fruit Chopsticks and Chilie Fruit Sauce

Now for the highlight of the meal – the Mexican Donut. I don’t know it is, but when I am at a high brow restaurant, I like to order the dishes that are homestyled comfort foods. For instance, I like to order mac’n cheese or hamburgers at a Beverly Hills restaurant – such as Maestro’s. So, at Asia de Cuba, the Mexican Donut stood out on the menu. I knew we had to get it. When it arrived in the bowl, there were seven pieces for 6 of us. Hmm. . . inside, I knew we were all thinking who would get the last one. I know I didn’t want to look directly at it, as did my friends at the table. But I knew whoever piped up first, wanted it more. And thus, my boisterous friend did . . .

Funny thing, just prior, this same friend replied from a question from her husband . . .
“Would you like to share this dessert?”, he instinctively quipped.
“Uh, no, why do we have to share. I want my own!”, she replied.

Anyways. . . this night brought back some nice memories of the place, since I hadn’t been here in years. But I think if taking everything into consideration – traffic, locale, price points, and food . . . unfortunately, Asia de Cuba doesn’t get high marks this time.

This was the sorbet of the day. Very nice presentation. But I don’t care too much about presentation.

I love how they put mexican donuts in a bamboo dimsum steamer.

Chocolate cake . . . actually was pretty good.

Run away from this. . . run far and fast. Grilled strip steak was quite dry and uneventful.

I apologize for the lack of quality images. But I thought I’d least show you what we had.

The Butterfish entree. A bit small to share. All the other entrees were generous in the portion.

The Cuban Chicken. I liked the sticky coconut rice. But I don’t think it went together well.
I prefer the outdoor seating, than the indoor one. Though it was a bit nippy, the outdoor ambiance is good for groups.

The beef spring rolls are underrated. I know my friends didn’t think it was that special, but I liked it.

The tunapica – I have no idea what this means. I guess it is sort of a tuna tartar or something.

The chicken appetizer – lemongrass chicken, actually not bad, but not great.

This is one other thing we order, in addition, to the set menu. This is the calamari salad. My friend’s favorite.

With drinks, tip, and everything, it came out to be about 80 bucks a person.

1 pigs, $$$

Asia De Cuba
8440 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069-1912
(323) 848-6000

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Asia de Cuba in Los Angeles

Buca di Beppo [Pasadena]

I was here over the summer with family and relatives. And this is the ideal place to bring large crowds. Though its a chain, it does have a feel of a New York Italian restaurant, maybe on steroids. With all the visuals – pictures, statues, and even the staff, this place might have gone a bit too far. But I think that’s part of the fun.

I’ve only been to Buca, perhaps, 3 or 4 times, not enough after thinking about it. I always have a good time when I do visit. I like the large plates and bowls of pasta and the over-sized thin crust pizzas, and most of all the desserts.

I usually order the linguine and clams, but I think lately I haven’t been doing well with clams. The spaghetti and meatball is a classic favorite that most people enjoy and like. But tonight, I insisted on the lasagna, which was the right choice for tonight. When this huge plate of pasta arrived, the cheese, on top, made it look like a big cake. It looked perfect. My relatives and parents weren’t usually accustomed to to big Italian style pastas, but they seemed to like this combination of cheese, ground meat, and pasta. I felt like Garfield, the cat, when I ate this.

This pizza we got, was good, but non memorable. No biggie.

The dessert, the tiramisu, was not my first choice this past visit. Its kinda funny, a tiramisu is a layered dessert, similar to that of a layered pasta, lasagna. The bread pudding was my favorite, but is discontinued and no longer offered. I was sad. This semi-sweet dessert was the my only disappointment from Buca.

Anyways. .. Buca’s a good place, I’m sure you’ve heard.

Dessert in a bowl, Tiramisu.

Cake of pasta – the Lasagna.

2 pigs, $$

Buca di Beppo
80 W Green St
Pasadena, CA
(626) 792-7272

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Buca di Beppo in Los Angeles

Icelandic Glacial Water

I haven’t written much about drinks or things that cure my thirst, lately, but here’s one that I wanted to talk about. Icelandic Glacial Water, the bottled water sponsor for Project by Project’s Plate by Plate event, was featured at this year’s event.

What can say about water, except that you don’t want to say too much. If you have to mention too many things about it, then there’s something wrong. You want water to be tasteless, orderless, colorless, and basically bland. When you start getting unexpected surprises in your water – that’s when you know you have something wrong.

Though, water can have refreshness and to some people, not myself included, a little flavor. My personal venture with the Icelandic spring water was a refreshing. I know it was a relief to have IGW at the event.

I learned that their source comes from replenish-able source that is a fraction of what goes to the ocean. This is an important facet about their water. They don’t use a spring that comes up from under the ground which is finite. ICW uses rainfall that is gradually filtered through the Icelandic mountain streams through the underground spring. The rainwater to spring cycle is an ongoing process in Iceland.

From what I’ve learned and unlike other bottle waters, IGW uses 100% carbon neutral factory to produce its containers. I know a lot of people are concerned that other companies use containers that have to be imported in, and thus leaving a large carbon footprint on our world. Its terrible to think about the other companies that much use fossil fuels to bring in materials and components to produce something, all the while they claim to be helping the world with this and that. But Icelandic Glacial Water does not. And you have to respect that, coming from Iceland – which is pretty remote in itself.

Icelandic Glacial Water

Tea Station [SGV]

Here’s one last post about Taiwanese cuisine that I wanted to briefly spout about. Its not necessarily a meal, but more of a late night snack or dessert. Though this place also has entrees, is the desserts, snacks, and drinks that people come for.

Tea Station on Valley was one of the first Taiwanese snack places in the Los Angeles area. They offer all sorts of teas, snacks, and meals. They cater to a younger crowd, since they don’t have alcohol. You could say this place is the Taiwanese Starbucks.

One night, a group of us were here after dinner just to get some snacks and dessert. We ordered the peanut butter toast, mango ice dessert, and few flavored teas.

The peanut butter toast is large thick slice of white bread that is buttered and peanut buttered and then toasted. Though it looks like an oversized breakfast toast with peanut butter, it is one of the neatest things to eat. Its a dessert. The peanut butter is sweet. The toast is dense and crunchy. It is actually quite a treat and fun to eat. You can also order this with jelly, butter, or whatever they have.

The mango ice dessert that we had also was really good. Imagine all the goodness of mangos in all different manners, and that’s what you get with the Mango Ice dessert. This large bowl has shaved ice with mango pieces and scoops of mango ice cream. You won’t find this combination at an American restaurant. Heck, I bet you could build a dessert shop with just this dessert or just Asian desserts. I’ve only had it better in Shanghai, at a Taiwanese restaurant called Bellagio, which had everything I mentioned, plus mango pudding. Mango Pudding is for another epic food adventure episode.

Lastly, we had some teas. Since this place is called Tea Station, part of the Ten Ren chain, we had to have some teas. I don’t remember what my friends had, but I know I always go for my favorite – the Apple Green Tea. Apples and tea somehow go together nicely. Though it can be a little sweet. And I am pretty sure they use an artificial apple flavored sweeter, I really don’t care. It’s pretty good and I like it, and that’s all that matter. Other teas that I suggest are the hot fruit tea and regular unsweetened green tea.

And if you have time, just wander around the traditional tea shop, next to the sit down area.

The mango ice dessert.

The teas. Mine is the green one – the Apple Green Tea. Notice the humongous large size carafe.

I think this is ice coffee. But I am not sure.

And check out this peanut butter toast. You gotta try it.

2 pigs, $

Tea Station
158 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-3785

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Tea Station in Los Angeles