Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Wednesdays in Santa Monica mean one thing – Farmer’s Market day! The Wednesday Market is one of the largest and most diverse grower’s only markets in the state. Their website also states that some of the, after more than 20 years, some of the best known chefs and restaurants have frequented this market. KCRW also has a weekly show – Evan Kleiman’s Good Food about the market update with Laura Avery. She will talk with some of the growers about what’s fresh and speak to one of the local chefs about a favorite recipe.

Each season brings a variety of fruits and vegetables. You won’t find the same things each month. These expert growers, most of whom are organically certified or non-pesticide, come with truckloads of goodies for home cooks and restaurant buyers. You can also find some meats – buffalo, pork, beef as well as nuts, flowers, herbs, and juices.

Today, I saw some great peaches, nectarines, plums, and figs. In addition I saw some golden raspberries and raw milk. I saw lots of different sized eggplants and some mini potatoes that caught my eye. Lots of the vendors were letting people try their fares.

It was a fun little morning just to walk around looking at the different fruits and vegetables. I encourage all of my friends to find a farmer’s market to check out. The best place to park is at the 2nd avenue parking structure.

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Most of the time I didn’t know what I was looking at. These appeared to be onion bulbs with their stems.

Here’s a picture of some fresh pomegranate juice. They had apple pomegranate and orange pomegranate juice, too. I was recommended the apple pomegranate. Pomegranate has some of the best anti-oxidants . . . I think.
Check out these baskets of peppers, eggplants, squash, and red things and yellow things.
I thought these were great – mini potatoes, called pee-wees!
You start your own herb garden with some of these varieties. I think I saw at least two different herb vendors.

Tables and tables of fruits and vegetables. Check out the cucumbers and squash. I was recently told that cucumbers make great garnishes for Gin and Tonics – my favorite drink.

Even on a Wednesday, you’ll see loads of people. Santa Monica was bustling today.

Check out these flowers. . .tuberose?. . . I have never even heard of these before. . .but they smelled kinda good.
I really liked the colors at this table. The golden raspberries were pretty interesting and had a great subtle flavor.
You could see a variety of different people from all types of backgrounds. I even saw Laura Avery walking around.

Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer’s Market
Arizona Ave & 2nd St.
Santa Monica

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