Sixes – Top Hawaiian Restaurants in Southern California

1. Bob’s Okazuya – Old timers swear by Bob’s
2. Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine – Innovative high brow Hawaiian
3. Ono Hawaiian Grill – not to be confused with Ono Hawaiian BBQ.
4. Bruddah’s Hawaiian Foods – Lau Lau, Lomi, & almost everything here is great.
5. Back Home In Lahaina – Just good Hawaiian – Loco Moco!
6. The Loft Hawaiian Restaurant – Island Style Fried Chicken is the best fried Chicken around.

1 thought on “Sixes – Top Hawaiian Restaurants in Southern California”

  1. please update…
    Bobs no longer there
    Braddah's – closed
    Back home in Lahina – Closed
    The Loft – closed

    add: TNT Aloha Cafe, great local hawaiian food, with local cooks and servers, with the best prices.. a lot of food, great service & best prices.

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