Lucky Boy has many loyal followers that lay claim of the best breakfast burrito. Even Los Angeles Magazine boasted about the burrito as well – I believe it was in the May 2009 issue. Many of my friends say Lucky Boy has the best breakfast burrito. I had once before . . . but i didn’t think it was memorable.

When i got it, the burrito was one of the larger burritos that I have seen in awhile. It’s girth was quite intimidating. Wrapped nicely in the basic fast food yellow wrapper, you could almost get a sense, after you eat the whole thing, that you’ll regret it later. Once you rip open the protective wrapping the brick of breakfast goodness appears. You could see some nice grill marks on the tortilla, from the delicate care put into making the burrito. Once I pulled apart the burrito to inspect the yummies . . . i found cheese, sausage, bacon, eggs, bacon, potatoes, and did i mention bacon. I couldn’t believe how much bacon was inside. With the side of mild green sauce I proceeded to consume this beast of a meal. The red sauce is too much for me . . . i must admit that it will cause me much unwanted pain.

As i take my first few bites I realize my predictions were correct – if I finish this I will pay for it later. . .. but if I don’t, I will regret it, a bit more. With each bite I took, I also figured out that I should have ate it at Lucky Boy, rather than have it to go. At Lucky Boy, the food will still be hot and the cheese won’t solidify as fast as it was when i ate it. But if you have to have it to go. . .I strongly suggest that you eat it within 20 minutes or so after you pick it up, or you might want to consider re-heating it. One thing I do notice is the potatoes – they are good & seasoned, but do get a little soggy as it soaks up the juices and oils. I kinda like my potatoes to retain some texture. (more on that later) Lucky Boy’s breakfast burrito certainly has the most bacon and sausage. It is really tasty as well. I do like the green sauce.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not like their potatoes. Tops, in Pasadena as well, also has a breakfast burrito. I will write about theirs in a future post. It is my favorite breakfast burrito.

#Pasadena’s most popular breakfast burrito – Overrated
#In my opinion, it is 2nd best, with The Original Top’s breakfast burrito as the best, with thin scalloped potato slices
#They fry hash browns for their breakfast burritos, which ends up a little mushy and doesn’t retain their texture
#Great location
#Chili cheese fries are pretty top notch

Yelp Listing

Lucky Boy
640 S Arroyo Pkwy
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 793-0120