Cookies are my favorite dessert, with ice cream coming a close second.  So, when I heard there was a Dessert Bar in Shanghai specializing in ice cream sandwiches, I knew I had to try it.

Located on the border of the Changning District and the Former French Concession, Nom Nom occupies a former Starbucks location off the main street of Yan’an Road.  This location was shared by Strictly Cookies and Snow Maple Desserts.  “Was” – since Snow Maple is closing up, leaving Nom Nom with just Strictly Cookies.   The business traffic in this area, I’m sure, can support just cookies.

As you walk in, you first inhale the freshness and sweetness of the baked goods with the kitchen behind the large glass wall.  There really isn’t anything better than freshly baked cookies.  Usually there is 4 to 6 different cookies available at any one time on display.  But there isn’t too many, since they want to maintain the freshness.  Cookies are basically made to order, since they have a rotation of 8, plus a cookie of the month.

My favorite, and I have a lot of them, is the Peanut Butter cookie.  Though I do like chocolate, Peanut Butter is by and far my favorite.  The Peanut Butter cookie has a savory and sweet combination that makes a perfect flavor profile.  I just wish Nosh would keep some Peanut Butter cookies in stock, since there is a Nosh near by home – but that’s another rant.

When they had it – the ice cream sandwich was my absolute favorite, since my days back in LA at the famous Diddy Riese in Westwood.  An ice cream sandwich is basically 2 cookies with a scoop of ice cream in between to form a delicious dessert.  I really hope they consider finding a new ice cream partner for this upcoming summer.

Metrobank Plaza, 1/F, 1160 Yan’an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu
长宁区 延安西路1152号首信银都国际广场105室(近番禺路)
+86 21-61150016

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