Er Guang Wontons are arguably the best wontons in the Huangpu District, if not Shanghai.   I don’t care if  my sample size might be small, but I would put these up against anyone else wontons.   The neighborhood folk would tend to agree with me, as you see them already seated before they open for the night.  Business is so good that they have patrons on communal tables on literally the sidewalks and road.

Lay’s potato chips had the wildly successful slogan “bet you can’t eat just one”, which calls to mind a ride home with a small box of soulless wontons, in peanut sauce.  A to-go box of 10 was finished on the short 20 minute drive home, all the while deftly avoiding spillage and splashes.  The wontons themselves are quite large and juicy with the right amount of savoriness.  But it is the peanut sauce combination that make this what it is. There isn’t a required spicy component with it, though it may enhance to a beholder.

This crazy little place also features a deep fried boneless pork chop.  Not too salt and barely moist enough without complaining, this pork chop is ordered almost by all the customers, whom are regulars and seem to know what to get.  On this brisk night, happy people were either slurping soup, chomping on wontons, or gobbling up pork chops – and they didn’t even notice they were sitting in the street.

Yes, soup wontons are great, but I will recommend the soup-less wontons.  Great place to go, if you looking for some good grub.

Er Guang Wontons
黄浦区 肇周路209-213号(近合肥路)

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