Wontons in Shanghai are like the little ugly stepchild to the favored steam dumplings, otherwise known as Xiao Long Bao 小笼包.  Yet, soup wontons are every part of Shanghainese cuisine.  Fujian Qianli Xiang, not from the province of Fujian, is a franchise chain of simple Shanghainese soup Wontons eateries.  The simple menu includes just 4 items, small wontons in soup, large soup wontons with vegetable and pork, large soup wontons with mushroom and pork, and vegetable and pork wontons without soup, with varying amounts and corresponding prices.  This place is a ideal for a simple lunch or a quick bite for the high rise office workers in the area.

Make sure you order the large wontons with vegetable and pork, since that’s what most people get (and what I did).  The slurping of the soup indicated either people were enjoying their soup or trying to warm up.  I tended to think of the later, with the bland broth, which I assumed had the other duty of keep the wontons succulent.  The staff is friendly which compensates for the shoddy tables and chairs – for about 25 seats or so.

As I indicated earlier, Fujian Qianli Xiang is more for a quick bite for office peons near the People Square area than a destination point.  If you really want to try it out and don’t work in the area, I suggest going on the weekends.  During the week, traffic is horrendous and finding parking is a pain.  (Though I did find an underground lot about a block away for 10 RMB for 1/2 hour).  All things considered, I only gave 2 pig stars since the Shanghai wontons aren’t that bad.

Fujian Qianli Xiang Wontons
+86 18217552269
Dianping (in Chinese)