If you are just like me and you love to taste new and exciting dishes, then you are sure to enjoy reading through my website and admiring the photographs from some of the amazing food I have tried. I enjoy travelling and have tried a lot of food in Bangkok and Shanghai. On my visit to Shanghai, I noticed that many of the breakfast foods were simple and carbohydrate based; the savoury snacks seemed healthy but the sweeter options were much richer and more indulgent.

So if you are online, about to order a Chinese takeaway while you play a bit of Cheeky Bingo, this blog post might encourage you to take up a Shanghai inspired breakfast; it will certainly make a change from having dry toast and soggy cereal! Below, you can read about some of the traditional breakfast foods the people of Shanghai enjoy.

Many people in Shanghai like to snack on something from their local corner shop, such as Sheng Jian Bao. This is a bread bun which is either steamed or fried, then dipped in black vinegar. Alternatively, ‘Luo bo si bing’ is a popular breakfast meal, consisting of radish strips stuffed in pancakes.

Those with a sweet tooth enjoy Ci fan, warm steamed sticky rice which is either mixed with plenty of sugar, or duck yolks and pork. But people who cannot afford to buy breakfast will stay home and cook a bowl of ‘Pao fan’ (rice in soup or water) which is served with pickled cucumbers, vegetables and a salty duck egg.

One of Shanghai’s delicacies is ‘Xiao Long Bao’, known more commonly as Shanghai dumplings. The dumpling is steamed in bamboo baskets before being filled with pork, minced crab and soup. A good dumpling should be thick enough to hold the soup until the ball is bitten. The traditional way to eat these soup filled dumplings, is to bite the top off, suck out the meaty filling and dip the remaining bun in black vinegar.

A slightly more indulgent breakfast is ‘Youtao‘. This is a doughy substance which is deep fried in oil then wrapped in a thick pancake. This is accompanied by soy milk which many people enjoy soaking their Youtao in.