Dr. Beer is a new entrant in the Micro-Bewery or gastropubs in Shanghai. Dr. Beer will compete on a few different fronts with other establishments. Related to Dr. Wine, just located down the street on Fumin Road, Dr. Beer has a different type of vibe – more of a loft/warehouse industrial look, with a cool DJ, a female no doubt, blaring above on the catwalk gantry. I like how these gastropubs now offer food that is considered more than just a footnote – like peanuts or pretzels.

With the Kerry Hotel’s Brew, Brix and Boxing Cat Brewery, Dr. Beer will have to step up its brew game. From other reviews, I have read that the beer isn’t as good as its competitors. I had the Pilsner and Wheat, which I thought was both pretty good. But I do confess that I am not a beer aficionado, so I can’t claim to know a lot about beers. Additionally, places like Apartment, El Coctel, as well as the previous named ones offer full menu dining. I really liked the pizzas at Dr. Beer, since they over did it with the cheese. I like really cheesy pizzas. The popcorn chicken was another favorite, with its spiciness.

With all this competition, I think the best thing going for Dr. Beer is the great location and space. The central-ish spot on Fumin road near Julu road, is ideal with the big main street close by. With other restaurants, like People’s, Guyi, and Coconut Paradise close by, Dr. Beer is a nice 2nd stop. The large warehouse space is cool with a variety of seating options with high standing stools, or loungey couches, or simple tables. The DJ adds an additional element of a club. I like it. But I do think it gets a little loud at times.

Anyways. . .Look for Alex, the manager, and tell him the Thirsty Pig sent ya!

What to Order: Wheat Beer, Pilsner Beer, Popcorn Chicken
What not to Order: Spicy Chicken Wings

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

Dr Beer
83 Fumin Lu, near Yan’an Lu
富民路83号, 近延安路
+8 21 5468 1077