The ancient villages of Xidi 西递 and Hongcun 宏村, located nearby Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Anhui, China, feature great historic buildings of Chinese culture. Only about an hour’s flight away from Shanghai, they are not to be missed, when traveling to see themagnificent mountains of Huangshan.

Xidi and Hongcun are similar in their historic importance. But each a different and have their own character. Xidi features more buildings and a nice lake with a mountain overlooking the small village. Hongcun has waterways, and buildings situated in a way, that the map forms a cow. Hongcun is also prominently featured in Ang Lee’s filmCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

So, when you make arrangements for your trip to Huangshan, make sure you arrange a day to visit Xidi and Hongcun. Most hotel will be able to arrange for tours.