The First Floor Restaurant 老街第一楼, located in the historic Old Street, in the TunXi district of Huangshan city, is arguably the most popular restaurant in town. On a recent trip to see the famed Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), we spent a day in the nearby town to check out the local sights.

Situated at the beginning of the Old Street, the First Floor Restaurant naturally will get much of the foot traffic, with the nearby shopping district. Once we went in the large restaurant, we realized that we failed to arrive early enough, and we were forced to wait. The process is, that you get a number to wait to order your dishes. Then you wait to get a table. We waited around 1/2 hour to order, then another 15 mins to get seated, and another 15 mins before our 1st dishes arrived. Strange system, but it works.

After walking around Xidi and Hongcun Village, we had built up quite an appetite. Our new friends from Chengdu and Beijing happily and patiently waited for a table and food to arrive. The cuisine, Anhui – as one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of China, distinguishes our dishes with more braising and stewing. The pork and fish were steamed and braised. The dumplings were also a treat. Unfortunately, I have to confess that I have a dumpling bias – I like dumplings that I almost associate them as a Chinese comfort food. I won’t go into more detail about the food, but I would strongly suggest you check out the restaurant on your trip to Huangshan.

What to Order: Pork with Steamed Pumpkin, Dumplings
What not to Order: Fish – not a big fan.

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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First Floor Restaurant
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