When you greeted by the beautiful hostesses at Naj and shown to your table in the white motif’d dining room, the feeling of elegance.

Perhaps this is the way they received foreign dignitaries in the olden days. Not surprisingly, the Thai have reputed to be the nicest of all cultures. The stereotypical traditional Thai themes are seen at Naj in an airy setting. The vaulted ceilings in the whiteness surrounds you and your dining partners to create a peaceful setting. Exquisite, as it is included in the full name, full describes the restaurant.

The food, which completes the experience, is presented in a traditional manner. The Kra Thong Tong with a Crispy Gold Flour Cup Filled With Herbs Minced Chicken, Sweet Corn And Vegetable was my favorite dish. I enjoyed the lightly fried cups. The Som Tam Set Papaya Salad Served with Fried Sticky Rice and Pork Jerky, was also another dish that I liked. The Thai Papaya salad has always been one of my choice favorites that I will always order. I like the slight sweetness and the sour components with the crispness of the dish. The mini cherry tomatoes also great, too. And the last noted dish that I’ll mention is the Tom Yum Goong Hot And Sour Soup With Prawns, Lemon Leaves, Onions And Herbs In Lemon Grass Broth. This Thai hot and sour soups didn’t disappoint as well.

Could Naj be a great place for dignitaries, out of town guest, and foreigners? Yes. Could Naj be a great place for a Thai food done in a elegant and exquisite setting? Yes. Would I recommend Naj? Yes.

What to Order: Kra Thong Ton, Som Tam Set, and Tom Yum Goong
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 3 $/¥/NT

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Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine
42 Convent Road. (Opp. BNH Hospital)
Silom, Bangkok 10500 Thailand
+66 2 632 2811-3