Goat, I’ve thought, was never that strange of a meat to eat. Its a domesticated animal much like a pig or a cow. Goats aren’t exotic creatures like pangolins, snakes, or even rabbits. But it still doesn’t answer the question – why we don’t eat goat in the US or in Asia. In Latin American, they consume goat, but not in China. So, when I was told I was going to have goat, I thought nothing of it. But after thinking about it, I was thinking, why I haven’t had it before.

Tonight, Mr. K took me to Quan Lau De to have Goat. We started off with Goat Marrow – which is mixed with egg and stir fried. It retains a milky texture with the soft egg, which is a favorite of Mr. K. There isn’t a lot of flavor, which makes this dish all about the mouth feel. Then we had the Goat meat, which is similar to the texture of beef. And the last goat dish was the goat breast, which I thought was the best of all the pieces of goat. It had the most flavor and was the most interesting.

Would I have goat again, I doubt it.

What to Order: Goat – Marrow and Breast
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

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