On a recent trip to Taipei, I got a chance to visit 樵 きこり Kikori Yakitori Bar. Located in the Da An district of Taipei, Kikori sits on an unassuming little street, with a barely noticeable sign.

You get the similar feeling as you open the large wooden door and walk in. The dark dining room offers some subtle ambiance with a feeling of George Clooney cool. Everything seems to be planned, just right, from the high chairs, the plates, to the even the uniform of the servers.

New Yakitori restaurants like Kikori, seem to be sprouting up more often in Taipei. With the fish scare from the nuclear issues and the bovine problems from the US happing, chicken (as long as it has avoided the avian flu) seems to be the protein of choice.

One of the cool things at Kikori was the sake cup selection. I had never seen this at any restaurant, where they allow you pick a cool cup. I remember I got a nice big and colorful blue one.

The traditional yakitori favorites like chicken liver, breast, heart are done well. Savored for their texture more than taste, these pieces offer different experiences. Grilled Beef Tongue is also one of my favorites for the thin and consistent tenderness. The Beef tenderloin, albacore, and ginkgo nuts were also particularly tasty, too.

What to Order: Gotta try everything and especially get sake
What not to Order:

3 Pigs
Price Range 3 $/¥/NT
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樵 きこりKikori Yakitori Bar
No. 38 Dongfeng St., Da-an Dist., Taipei
+886 223259680