The Xinyi Public Assembly Hall is a renovated and restored tourist attraction in the heart of Taipei’s Xinyi District. Dating back a few decades, this area used to be a military village for the incoming new immigrants soldiers from China. This historic site shows the life & times of the people who helped rebuild Taiwan after the Japanese occupation and two world wars. Additionally, there’s a cultural gift shop, Taiwanese food court, and museum galleries.

In the years ago just after the cultural revolution, a large wave of immigrants settled in communities, like the Xinyi one. These villages, often situated in different ghettos throughout the city, centered around food. As you walk around the complex, you see the rolling grass knolls that covered up the bomb shelter bunkers. Additionally, you see the narrow walkways, where kids used to run around. Some of the old doors still remain. Inside the main gallery, you see pictures and read stories from years ago. There are lots of printed propaganda from the China’s past. Though you get a feel that times were tough, but you have to respect them for taking a chance to move to a new land and life.

Through the main courtyard, you walk into the main cultural center where people are eating and shopping. Not a small space, yet seemingly crowded, there are tables and tables of gifts, sauces, and other little things. Over on the over side, there’s the cafe – Good Cho’s 好丘, which makes its famous bagels, with bagel makers on display rolling the special treats. With over 20 different flavors, they roll the bagels with unique fillings, in the spirit of the Chinese Baozi’s. The texture of the bagel resembles those of New York, but with the unique flavor twist. One of the more popular ones is the black sesame one, which as a slightly sweet taste.

Come the Xinyi to learn about the history and stick around for a bagel or 2.

What to Order: black sesame bagels
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

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信義公民會館 四四南村 [ 眷村展示館 ]
Xinyi Public Assembly Hall
Good Cho’s 好丘
台北市松勤街54號 (信義公民會館C館)