An interesting business model we see in Taipei is the chain restaurants that feature different cuisines. With the People and Shintori, they feature Chinese cuisine, Japanese Sushi, as well as a cool lounge in Taipei and Shanghai. With the smaller group VVG, their little group extends from a French eatery, dessert cafe, and a luxury boutique bed+breakfast. With the Dazzling, their empire reaches to a champagne lounge bar, a shabu-shabu restaurant, jewelry, and restaurants. It is fascinating how these groups leverage their brand marketing across these different ventures.

Dazzling Thai, located in the Breeze Center, is opulently decorated in a white and black baroque style. The attention to detail can be seen even in the crown molding. The private dining room also had nice touches of this decor and detail. Thai food, from my experience, was mostly featured in small mom and pop restaurants rather than nice settings. Yet, Dazzling attempts to transform this exotic cuisine into an experience with their food and experience.

We started with the Minced Pork Wrapped with Flat Noodle & Lettuce, the Thai Style Spicy Sour Soup and Salmon Sashimi in Spicy Hot Sauce. The minced pork is reminiscent of Taiwanese cuisine’s braised pork, naturally, a popular dish it would be in Taipei. One of my favorite Thai things is the spicy and sour soup. This mouthing soup inspires great taste with spiciness and sourness. Words can describe this unique dish and no other cuisine emulates. Dazzling’s was quite good, with the large mushrooms soaking up the broth. From my understanding the salmon sashimi was one of the more popular dishes. I could see how the flavor melts with the spicy hot sauce works. But salmon sashimi is not something I would necessarily order, as for my preference.

Tonight, the dishes were coming in a barrage in no particular order of appetizers or mains, which lead us to the Dazzling Famous Fried Chicken Wings, Grilled Beef with Green Curry Sauce, Grilled Chicken with Green Papaya & Sticky Rice, and Thai Style Hainan Chicken Rice. The chicken wings were fine by themselves, yet with the sweet sauce, it gets kicked up a notch. The sweet syrup sauce dredged with the chicken makes a marked improvement. The grilled beef with the green curry is an interesting dish, that I surprisingly liked. One of the best dishes that Dazzling presented was the grilled chicken with green papaya salad. I enjoyed the chicken, but the papaya salad even more. I like the refreshing aspect of the salad, since we having the hearty curries and meats. And the Hainan Chicken was also a nice, non-Thai dish, that we tried.

Dazzling Thai is known for their yummy dessert Dazzling Yogurt Strawberry and their honey toast. Make sure you try them both.

What to Order: Thai Style Spicy Sour Soup, Grilled Chicken with Green Papaya & Sticky Rice, and Thai Style Hainan Chicken Rice
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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Dazzling Thai Cafe
Breeze Center GF, No. 39, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Road, Songshan District, Taipei
+886 02 2731 7976