Located in the historic JinJiang Hotel 錦江飯店, the Old Shanghai Moon Restaurant 老夜上海餐廳 is restaurant imagined as if we were dining during the colonial 1930′s. The ambiance is mesh of the classic western European furnishings with the noticeable accents of traditional Chinese artwork.

Our private dining room, was one of many, featured old photos and antique furniture. Old Shanghai Moon is where you would take your relatives and old friends for a proper Shanghainese experience. I like this place.

Before I knew it, the cold dishes appetizers soon arrived. We had entrusted our gracious host to handle the ordering. The good, the bad, and ugly also came. The good – the typical Shanghainese dishes came, the black fungus, the savory soy tofu, and dried fish, with the interesting hardboiled egg with soft yolk. The bad and ugly, without a doubt, was the duck tongue. I have no idea why people like this. I know people crave this delicacy since they had it as a kid, but it lacks any taste, no meat, and looks nasty. Luckily I didn’t have to go tongue to tongue with this one.

After imagining how they figured out how the duck tongue is procured, the hot dishes mains came out. The mini peeled river shrimp was nice, with the soy vinegar dipping sauce. The soupy shredded tofu was one of my favorites of the night. And the giant stir fried pawns were probably everyone’s favorites. I should also mention the meaty steamed fish was also quickly gobbled up.

Enough of the wall of text, Old Shanghai Moon is an excellent restaurant that is also open 24 hours a day. Sounds like a great idea for those jet lagged guests looking for something to eat.

What to Order:
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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老夜上海 Old Shanghai Moon Restaurant
茂名南路 59 号锦江饭店食街近长乐路
11-12/F, Cathay Building Jin Jiang Hotel, 59 Maoming Nan Lu (by Chengle Lu)
+86 21 6258 2582 x9102
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