Xiao San Tang is a nice little cafe with a Chinese menu with a touch of whimsy, a western ideal, and just the right amount of elegances.

We see the Chinese menu with the different types of protein dishes, from beef, chicken, abalone, and suckling pork. Additionally, the rice and vegetables dishes, with great variety, offers options for vegetarians and meat eaters, like me.

Whimsy is for the kids, and thus the kids at heart will enjoy the oversized ducks overlooking your shoulder as you enjoy your meal. There’s even a school of ducklings wadding in front of a small pool, right outside the window.

Back to our the Xiao San Tang menu, we see the western influences, being Shanghai is Shanghai, I noticed the duck, not your ordinary Chinese style – but a duck confit.

And the whiteness, the pure white motif, seen throughout the restaurant, with the ducks, the tables, the furniture, lends itself a modernist elegance. It is nice. Decor is important to Xiao San Tang, as with its sister restaurant – TMSK. Xiao San Tang is nice place for lunch or dinner after an day at Tianzifang.

What to Order: Duck confit
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

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小三堂 Xiao San Tang
Liuli Museum, 1/F, 25 TaiKang Rd (near SiNan Rd)
+86 21 6467-2278