When people talk about BBQ, emotions and feelings run high. You almost get into fighting words when comparing the different BBQ’s. With the Carolina’s you get the smokey pulled pork and with the Kansas City style, you get the saucey on baby back ribs

BBQ Beef Brisket and beef ribs are part of the Texas BBQ tradition. At Smoke City, they take pride with their meat. Each order is served with simple old fashion white paper. The meats are rubbed but not slathered with BBQ sauce. There’s enough flavor, that they imply that you don’t need it.

Sinosoul and I shared sampler plate with 2 large beef ribs, beef brisket, and one large hot link. The shear size of the beef ribs was intimidating. Yet I feel my manhood was at stake if I didn’t conquer this rib. The meat on the rib was tender but not too much. I like to get my hands dirty and prefer a little effort when I eat ribs and BBQ. As you bite into the rib meat you need to bite a little hard to get a mouthful piece. The meat, though a little tough and chewy, had great texture. I enjoyed it both with and without sauce – spicy and regular. I like the spicy, in which I also smothered on the brisket. The beef rib, one to be had at Smoke City, for me was quite an accomplishment and something I’d order again.

Next, I had the hot link sausage. This was probably the best thing in the sampler plate. I would consider it almost the same, if not better than Bigmista’s hot links. Spicy and flavorful, the hot links was the first thing we finished.

Lastly, we had beef brisket. The tender brisket is what made Smoke City one of the newer and more popular BBQ restaurants in Southern California. Jonathan Gold affirmed his recommendation, which lead us to make a visit here. The beef brisket was quite good. I enjoyed it more with the spicy flavors of the BBQ sauce.

As good as it was, I would have say it was not the best brisket I had. I confess, It was so unfair to have Smoke City Market BBQ right after BigMista’s from the Atwater Farmer’s Market – that very day.

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What to Order: Beef Rib, Hot Links and Beef Brisket
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

Smoke City Market
5242 Van Nuys Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
(818) 855-1280