I had heard of Bigmista and his wonderful Barbecue from twitter feeds, blogger pundits, and the LA rags. Yet, I could never find a way or excuse to one of his farmer market appearances. So, this last trip to Los Angeles, Sinosoul and I decided on making a trek to the holy BBQ church of Bigmista.

Situated at the back of the Sunday Atwater farmer’s market, which created a slight, but apparent BBQ aroma of smoke, Bigmistas could be found, literally, by following your nose. Next to the sugarcane vendor and the pupusa vendor, you’ll find where Bigmista planted its flag (or tent in this case). Feeling a bit more hungrier than before, I decided to try the Salvadorian pork & cheese Pupusa, with what looked like cole slaw. The pupusa had the consistency of a doughy tortilla with pork and cheese. It was actually pretty tasty, though a bit messy.

Bigmista & the Mrs., Neil and Phyllis, greets each customer and onlooker with banter, fun, and good old-fashion hospitality – to get you in the mood for some of their great food. Upon the suggestion, we got a sampler platter, which included a little bit of everything – pulled pork, sausage, baby back ribs, and beef brisket with a side of Mrs. Mista’s mac and cheese.

The sausage, in which I wasn’t a big fan to begin with, was spicy and flavorful. I’d expect most BBQ sausage to be similar to Louisiana hot links with that much heat. As much as I love sausage, I am not sure why I don’t associate BBQ with sausage. Next I tried the baby back ribs. The tender meat just falls right off the bone. The BBQ and spicy BBQ sauce goes great with the ribs. Baby-back ribs are one of my favorite all time things to eat. I enjoy eating with my hands and getting them dirty – with ribs epitomizing. In between bites, I had some of mac and cheese. This comfort food seems to go well with BBQ, unlike sausage (in my opinion) I was saving the best for last with the pull pork. The shredded pork – browned in all it glory, occupied almost half the take-out plate. The pork was glistening from the fat in the Sunday sun. The sweet BBQ sauce just waited to be dipped in, just before I stuffed my face. It was a glorious thing. And it did not disappoint. I know words to describe it would fail miserably, so I won’t say much more – other than to strongly recommend and suggest.

But least I forget, the brisket. In the past, I have never found beef brisket to tasty or moist. The few places I did get brisket, the meat was dry and rubbery, not moist. Cooked over a long period, Bigmista’s beef brisket is tender and tasty, even without sauce. With the spicy bbq sauce, it adds a different dimension. I must admit, that Bigmista changed my thinking about beef brisket. Yet, with the bar set high, it will be tough to match.

Finishing off our meal, Mrs Mista treated us to some great sweet potato pie. I wonder, why doesn’t Neil open a restaurant. But with all the business from the markets and catering gigs, they don’t need the headache of a restaurant.

What to Order: Beef Brisket, Mac and Cheese, and Pulled Pork
What not to Order: Don’t wait too long to eat your BBQ

3 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

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