I was so happy when I visited Denny’s when I was back in LA. You might laugh as to why I would make a post about Denny’s. But Denny’s, I would argue, is an American institution – as American as apple pie, steaks, and McDonald’s.

The American breakfast, to which Denny’s excels at, is what the majority of people order when they go to Denny’s, at all hours. Their commercials, feature their “Slams” with eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausage. To people from the US, Denny’s is almost an after thought – perhaps even the butt of jokes. To people outside of the US, they might find Denny’s breakfast unique.

I have always liked Denny’s, anywhere I am in the states, since it represents American comfort food – breakfast. I know if I am in Vegas, that I can find the same thing that I’d get in LA. Just as the 1950′s brought standardized restaurants and chains, with fast-food giants like McD’s, sit-down restaurants have done the same.

The breakfast I had the meat lover’s trio with country fried steak, bacon, sausage, and eggs with hash-browns. Smothered with gravy the deep fried steak is a heart attach waiting to happen all by itself. The spiced gravy, which I also asked for a side of for my biscuits, gave great flavor for the thin breaded steak. The bacon AND sausage links were great as well. I am more of a sausage type of guy, so I was happy nonetheless. My eggs, over easy, with the spilt yolk ran over my hash browns (which I smothered with ketchup). It was a mess with the yellow yolks, the brown sausage. red bacon, whites eggs and gravy, and everything else – but I loved it! I know most of you are probably thinking that you could get better quality elsewhere or that I was probably drunk at that time. But given where I was, and what my tummy was telling me, Denny’s hit the spot.

What to Order: Any of the Slams – breakfast slams
What not to Order: anything but the breakfast slams

3 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

2627 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 795-0192