My last post, for awhile about Taiwan, ends with a short one about Taiwanese Sausage. At least one thing in Taiwan never changes and will always stay the same – Taiwanese Sausages香腸.

Taiwanese sausage is an unmistakable aroma that gets juices in your mouth and belly going. Different from American or even German sausage, the mouth feel and texture offers a hearty mouthful, but not too chewy. Sausage from Hong Kong offers a tougher and less appealing texture. There’s a sweet, yet savory taste with each bite. Ideally it should be cooked with a little char on the outside, but not too much.

The distinct dark pink color brings back late night binges outside of bars and clubs in Taipei. And I think you guys know what I am talking about. You can even test your luck with dice for high stakes sausages with these vendors.

A double sausage 大腸包小腸, translated as a small sausage wrapped in big sausage, features a pork sausage wrapped in a rice one, is a personal favorite of mine, though I have only had 2 in my life. A grilled Taiwanese sweet pork sausage is wrapped in a grilled sticky rice sausage. Topped with with garlic and basil, it produces a unique savory, yet spicy and sweet combination. I’ve also added black pepper, garlic, chili, and butter.

I look forward to my next late night Taiwanese Sausage adventure.

I’d like to personally thank Mr. Danny H. for allowing me to use his camera and pictures for this post. For some reason, I forgot my camera.