I had to make a one day trip to Suzhou for a short business trip. The manager that we were visiting took us out to lunch at a place called 吉兆日本料理, which loosely translated means Good Omen Japanese Cuisine. Not far from the center of Suzhou, Good Omen is on a, sort of, restaurant row. There was lots of neon signs and restaurants, which. I’m sure, at night would be bustling.

The lunch special is an AYCE for about RMB 100 per person. In the states, that’s a great deat – for about USD 12 or 13 per person. But in China, it can be considered a bit expensive. The funny thing is, I didn’t know it was AYCE, till we had left.

Anyways. . . We had almost everything on the menu, from Sashi, to Tempura, to Fried Fish, and ice cream. There was even Okonomiyaki(a Japanese pancake), Hot stone grilled meats, tonkatsu.

My favorite was the teapot soup. I’ve only had this of soup, perhaps, only a couple of times before. Presented with its drinking bowl as teapot top, this inviting dish would muse anyone’s curiosity. The enoki & shitake mushrooms made for a great duet. The slight acidity, from the hand squeezed quarter lemon slice, cut through the savory and clear consume. Unfortunately, I made a mess of the table, by spilling everywhere. ARRGGHH

Though this wasn’t the best experience; in fact, it was really bad with AC not working properly. I’m glad I came out with the teapot soup in my belly.

1 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

Good Omen Japanese Cuisine
Hours 10:00am~Midnight