Rakumenya is ramen house featuring a spicy ramen. Modeled after a typical Ramen house in Japan with wood accents and a chorus of Japanese yells and calls – as you enter, leave, and order.

The ramen is ordered started with the your choice of soup bases and hardness/softness of noodles and with different sides. You pick different levels of spiciness, additions such as egg, pork, vegetables, and if you’d like another helping of noodles or soup. Part of the fun is adding different sides to produce unique flavors.

I had to have a spicy bowl. I think my spicy tolerance level has increased over the years. i know, years ago when i was living in Hong Kong, we’d visit a local ramen shop when my friends and I were intoxicated. With personal demons giving me courage to eat almost anything, I stupidly ordered a spicy ramen, which I soon regretted as I sobered up. This was not the case tonight , at Rakumenya. I was quite careful of the red colored soup base. Though it was spicy beyond my tolerance safety level, I was able to conquer, but not completely drink the soup base. The combination of the hot and spicy soup base made me sweat and my mouth water – as I write this.

What to Order: Spicy Ramen – You Can Do It!
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 2 $/¥/NT

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What to Order: The Spicy Ramen
What not to Order:

2 Pigs

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