Sriracha sauce (Thai: ศรีราชา [sǐrātɕʰā]), a Thai spicy sauce, is not from Thailand or even Vietnam It is from Rosemead in Southern California, with Thai roots. In the states, the Rooster sauce, originally developed for Asian Americans, is used on buffalo wings, french fries, and other American foods, as well as Asian dishes.

But, arguably, I feel the best use of the Sriracha sauce is in Vietnamese Pho, soup noodles. The combination of the spiciness, sweetness, and garlic-ness enhances the flavor of the meats as well as the soup. This thick red sauce is distinguishable anytime you taste it.

I was told that the company who make Sriracha sauce doesn’t want to establish a distribution channel in Taiwan, because of the limited market potential. So, the owners of Pho, have contract friends to hand bring this great Rooster sauce every time they visit Taipei.

And at Pho, the slightly savory beef broth, is almost a requisite. I know some people like to keep the broth clear, with out sauces. Then there are those who need gobs of the red rooster to turn the broth into a ferocious spicy adventure. For me, I am somewhere in between. I enjoy the Pho, at Pho, with Sriracha, and the dark Hosin-like condiment. I little of both in a small dipping sauce tray for the meats is yummy, for good measure. This Pho had all the same remnant of the LA/Orange County Pho houses. Speaking of which, did you know the number, ofter in the name after Pho, means the year they immigrated to the US.

In addition, at Pho, we had the Vietnamese fried egg rolls, Spring Rolls wrap with shrimp, pork, and herbs, and the Luna Shrimp. The fried egg rolls, not usually something I would order, was actually pretty good. The spring rolls, on the other hand, were not as good as LA ones. Yes, I know LA Vietnamese cuisine is not authentic Vietnamese, but it is the only reference point that I have. The Luna Shrimp – shrimp cakes, were really good, with the sauce. The thin flat pancake-like shrimp cakes had good texture and good taste. I would strongly suggest that you order it.

Anyways, if you want some good Pho with the great Sriracha sauce, I suggest you try Pho. In addition, Pho also features Vietnamese sandwiches, with French beard. In the US, from my experience, Vietnamese sandwiches are rarely found at Pho houses.

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