Unfortunately, I am giving Bay Cities Deli a big zero Pig rating for their sandwiches. A big 0! I won’t feel bad either. Maybe the people of Santa Monica never had a good sandwich. If you want a solid sandwich, I’d go to Langer’s in DTLA or Ike’s in San Francisco. But this place, Bay Cities, a big Z-E-R-O.

Why? Its their bread. Their bread is tough to bite into. You have to pull the sandwich from a tight grip with your teeth. Then you chop on the hard crust, only to rip the roof of your mouth. Then you continue to break down the bread till your jaws get sore. Its not a fun experience. Sandwiches are all about the wrapping – the bread. I had the standard Italian roll, as most everyone does.

With this mouth ripping bread experience, I am not sure why so many people are willing to wait, up to 1/2 hour to get their sandwiches. Then we had to wait another 15 minutes in line to pay for them. On top of that, the parking situation was horrible. Thanks goodness, the turnover rate is high, with people coming in and out.

I guess I will mention the sandwiches that we had. We had their famous Godmother with Genoa Salami, Mortadella Coppacola, Ham, Prosciutto, and Provolone, which had a decent flavor with the different deli meats. I did like the combination of the meats. I also had to try the Hot Pastrami, as I had to – to compare with Langer’s and Katz. Unfortunately, the bread just made me want to cry with this one. I figure I have to mention my friend also had the Veggie Only – with Avocado Spread, Cucumber Slices, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Olives, Onions, Oil & Vinegar. Hmm. . .avocado spread sounds interesting.

Anyways. . .I would stay away with Bay Cities. And I hope you do the same.

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Bay Cities Italian Deli
1517 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Santa Monica
(310) 395-8279