My personal sushi policy as I have stated here is a quirky, one might say. I feel that you should stay with one particular sushi restaurant to develop a personal relationship with the place. Get to know what comes in usually fresh and unique, get to know the host/owner for the best seats in the house, and lastly, pick & stay with a good sushi chef/master. The last one, and most important one, you would hope, that your sushi chef remembers you, as well.

Anyways . . . about Yoshida. Many people have been raving about how Yoshida is the best sushi restaurant in San Gabriel valley. They are talking about how fresh his this and that is. They also talk about the uni, which is my personal favorite and what I usually order first, is bomb-diggity! (gotta add the diggity, if you say bomb).

I must admit, I did like the sea urchin, served in the shell. You don’t see many places with sea urchin, Uni, with the spiky shell. They crack it open and prepare it in front of you. Nice touch and presentation. I don’t know many places that serve in this manner nor have the sea urchin in the shell. It taste fresh and not as saltly as how I usually have it. It is more refreshing. I do like it. This is a must-order.

The other sushi was standard. Nothing special. The oysters with fish eggs and a quail egg yolk was different. I am not a big fan of oysters. The halibut, another personal favorite, was good. Sushi, like anything else (I will explain more later), is good when you don’t remember it. I like almost anything with ponzo sauce.

As I mentioned before, I talked about remembering something and expecting it. People enjoy the foods that they remember. People will remember that taste and experience from the meal, which drives future cravings. Though in remembering a meal, they won’t mention it to others, unless it was a bad experience. Luckily, I didn’t remember anything bad at Yoshida’s.

One last thing, Yoshida also had a good green tea tempura ice cream. I thought this was pretty good.

I think Yoshida’s bit overrated – with a heavy emphasis on price. I think our bill, for 2, with alcohol was about 120 or so. If I was going to pay that much, I would go to Sushi Gen. For a neighborhood sushi restaurant, I think the price was too high. I would rather go to Sushi of Naples, in Pasadena.

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2026 Huntington Dr
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 281-9292