Wurstküche, located near little Tokyo, recently opened in the past year. They fill the void, here in Los Angeles, of a needed german influenced Sausage & Beer house. I could be wrong . . . but that’s what I feel. With the back room of wood benches and flowing beers, on tap, Wurstkuche almost has the feel of a Beer Hall.

In this unassuming building in the re-zoned industrial area of Los Angeles, Wurstküche dreams up some crazy sausages with exotic meats. Buffalo, Alligator, Duck, and Rattlesnake names jump at you from their menu, but appear to be normal menu items. One thing I liked is the different type of mouthwatering mustards available. I don’t usually like mustard, but it goes really well on sausage. I personally liked the Whole Grain and Dijon. Along with the different mustards, they also feature multiple dipping sauces for their great fries. These fries are also really good as well. Not sure what else to say about them, they’re just yummy. In addition, they also have a great selection of beers – Belgium and German Beers, on tap, too!

I had the Duck & Bacon with Jalapeño Pepper sausage which was good. I remember it being better with the mustard than without, but I guess that’s personally preference. My friend had the Kielbasa sausage, which was actually a bit better than mine. Like I said before, the fries were great – with the sauces. They also had a nice selection of bottle sodas.

Anyways. . . They are planning to open later than their midnight closing for the late night apres clubbing crowd. They have lots of street parking and is conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles.

Wurstküche Restaurant
800 E 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 687-4444